An Individual who lacks self expression, self worth, and follows the herd driven through the main stream media outlet. A drone must work for a corporation or some form of the government, they always believe in the collective and are an anti-individualist! A total government mule and are always on one side of the right left paradigm.
Hey John look at these drones at the pep rally they really move like cattle!
by Hittori Hanzo November 13, 2010
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A pilotless airplane, or unmanned aerial vehicle.
Pilotless airplane! Pilotless airplane! Drone! Drone! Not pilotless drone! Pilotless... drone! But drone! Drone! Is it sinking into your thick skull, you high school dropout?
by DrExtreme July 16, 2008
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Slang term referring to the drug Mephedrone, currently experiencing an explosion of popularity in the UK.

Commonly found as a white powder/crystalline substance, it produces similar effects to Ecsasy or Cocaine when snorted/ingested. Gained an extremely large userbase in the United Kindom in 2009/10 due to it's legality, cheap price and relative purity.
1. I was thinking of doing some drone tonight, you up for it?

2. I was droned out of my mind last night
by 4methylmethcathinione March 3, 2010
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one of those obnoxious kids who are all basically clones of each other. you know, those kids that all the girls like even though they have never produced an intelligent thought? They tend to all do the same things and be very popular with the proletariats. opposite of madhackr (by my definition)
just because that drone looks like freddie prinze my blonde love interest is into him
by madhackrlord February 3, 2003
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Basically any idiot that you come across... another definition for just plain stupid. not very many people know about really what the definition is it could almost be anything negative like a geek or a freak!
person 1:"hey, do you know a guy named christian??"
person 2:"yahh sadly hes my brother... he's a big drone"
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"Connor talks shit about everyone. He's such a drone."
by KimK'sLostEarring June 15, 2016
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One of those flying things in Halo that can really get irritating when they form swarms.
Covenant word: Yan'me
by i_anonymous December 7, 2004
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