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A small town in Rhode Island where it appears that the majority of the population is comprised of unmarried women (usually *cough* "disabled" but unable to collect Disability) who have multiple children (usually disabled or have ADHD) by different fathers who are 1) abusive, 2) unable to perform honest work and support their children, 3) are in jail or prison. The educational system must be non-existent if you go by the poor spelling and lack of grammar posting and begging for money and things on a multitude of cyber-begging websites such as,, and numerous other sites. The majority of the population is on some sort of public assistance and those that arent yet receiving government funding are "waiting for SSI to be approved for 1) their amusement park accident, 2) their "disability", 3) their child/rens "disability"... the list is endless. Oh, yes, they always end their scammy requests and remarks with the words "god bless".
I pulled a woonsocket on those websites for cash and goods by lying about my situation.
by CatchingCriminals2 March 08, 2011
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A place where the girls are dirty but the water's dirtier. Half the population of Woonsocket has fins, because they are too stupid to know not to swim in Social Ocean. It's a place with a lil' general or a dunkin donuts on every corner, so the kids get fat quickly. Filled with a mostly welfare-riding population, Woonsocket is a great place to vacation, if you want to stay at one of our cheap motels/inns, where thousands of horny teenagers have slept with their fuck of the week's, and you'll most likely find a corpse or two under the bed. Come visit us, and you'll go home with a great souvenir - crabs!
No, I won't sleep with you, you're from Woonsocket, you dirty skank!
by Gangrene Geisha June 27, 2006
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A place where half of the kids wear no clothing and a large population the white kids think that they are black. Woonsocket = Asian central, they're everywhere. Woonsocket water will most likely be dirty, so if you live there, buy a filter. The kids who go there are forced to wear really ugly uniforms to public school. There is one hotel but everything is a gross inn.

But, woonsocket isn't all that bad like everyone says, yes, we do have a large population of people on welfare, but there's a majority of people not on it. Not ALL the kids are sluts, but you may find a few here and there. Woonsocket isn't that bad actually. If it was that bad, people wouldn't live there that live there now.
Woonsocket? Oh god.
by A PEEEERSON. :D July 17, 2011
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White trash central. A place in RI where there is no work, the men have mullets and are fucking scumbags. The women are skanks. And there is no hope of getting out. If you were born there you will die there, and most likely never leave the city.
Bubba was in woonsocket and met this slampig at the SPORTS PAGE, she said her name was Carissa and had four MUD SKIPPERS by four different dudes.
by p0is0ndeath September 15, 2010
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A place where every white kid thinks there either black or peurterican. Also a place that has Main Street where every 1960's hippy hangs out and take there burnt out asses to New York Weiner shop. Woonsocket is also a great place to get the hiv (HIV), Crabs, The Clap, Herpes, A Fat ass ugly Prostitute (mostly 50 year olds) and also where you can watch a mother jump into her daughters fight at the Middle School...
White kid: "yo niggaz whats up, lets get cronked."
Black kid: "yo bitch who you callin nigga."
Peruterican kid: "blah blah blah im a spic."
by The Jolly Green Giant June 01, 2007
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Something you yell after you draw out a flush in Texas Hold 'Em when you know you're up against a tight player holding a set.
"Wooooonnnnnnsocket! Made the flush! Ray, how does that feel?"
by Jiffy June 11, 2004
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