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To say something completely out of context with the conversation after not really taking part in the conversation to that point. For example, two people are talking sports and then someone interjects with something completely irrelevant like "Yeah, I had pancakes for breakfast yesterday." Usually the one being "beckish" is not aware that their comment is out of context and they think they make sense. So, it's an insult to be Beckish. Also can be referred to as "Beck".
Dude, that was Beckish.

What are talking about? That was Beck.

That was Beckish. Where the hell did that come from?
by Jiffy June 10, 2004

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to be shady is to be covert. but to shady something is to move it around without anyone knowing.
'come on lads we need to shady this small brazillian chicken out of the country' quote from micheal caiine buys a small brazillian chicken and adventures ensue
by Jiffy April 09, 2005

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To scratch ones crotch similar to scrotch
Hobsy:did you just look at my crotch
Gregsy: Well you wear choping it so vigourously...
Hobsy:would you like a go
Gregsy: well..

quote from 101 tales of arse buggery
WARNING may not actually be a book
by Jiffy May 05, 2005

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to steal something in a shady fashion
'Oh poo it seems some jiggery pokery has been afoot someone has stolen my wallet' quote from confessions of a toff
by Jiffy April 09, 2005

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Something you yell after you draw out a flush in Texas Hold 'Em when you know you're up against a tight player holding a set.
"Wooooonnnnnnsocket! Made the flush! Ray, how does that feel?"
by Jiffy June 11, 2004

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