Scammy means anything that is and/or related to a scam. It can be an Internet site or any other written material or media that promises something for free yet later lies about it and 'requires' items such as money, ID, or personal information.

And even if you did give out those items, like money or ID or clicking on ads signing up for items because it says you 'must complete one online purchase' before you can start your download.

In the end, you still are not given what you were promised. That site or service is then scammy.
Jack: "Dude, I just found this awesome site where I can download movies. for free."
Jill: "I know the one you are talking about, but it's scammy. They ask for your credit card to 'verify you are an adult' when you try a download."
by dw8177 August 20, 2016
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An award show held once a year- in which various artists are given golden awards that are shaped like gramophones to signify relevance. Talent is unfortunately not a factor. They are HUGELY know for snubbing Katy Perry and Nicki Minaj.
I'm not watching the scammys this year, they snubbed Taylor this time.
by Oneofthefaggz November 21, 2019
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an award show that robbed all of Ariana Grande's 6 nominations
Ariana deserved to win all the grammys, oops, I meant scammys.
by successfultoulouse January 27, 2020
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The scammy's is a term made up on Twitter after they scammed both Bts and Eminem with their bullshit.
by rjslefttoe June 10, 2021
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Another name for the Grammys, but now it's Scammys because of how they scammed bts from their win🙄
Random person 1: oh my, lady Gaga and Ariana grande beat bts?!

Random person 2: but didn’t bts get more views and charts than them? Such scammys!
by Where is my milk? March 18, 2021
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sexist, rigged award show that loves to snub taylor swift, panic! at the disco, katy perry, and other amazing artists
ugh the scammys are at it again, snubbing taylor! TAYLOR DESERVED!
by scooter braun hate page January 27, 2020
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Nickname for an award show that u can pay it to give u award as lymestin do . (Grammys)
Lymestin pay Scammys
by Theguywhoknoweth January 4, 2021
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