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Scammy means anything that is and/or related to a scam. It can be an Internet site or any other written material or media that promises something for free yet later lies about it and 'requires' items such as money, ID, or personal information.

And even if you did give out those items, like money or ID or clicking on ads signing up for items because it says you 'must complete one online purchase' before you can start your download.

In the end, you still are not given what you were promised. That site or service is then scammy.
Jack: "Dude, I just found this awesome site where I can download movies. for free."
Jill: "I know the one you are talking about, but it's scammy. They ask for your credit card to 'verify you are an adult' when you try a download."
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by dw8177 August 20, 2016
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Scammy is a person who is stupid,ugly,annoying and a general FREAK.
they usually use this word in ireland (Waterford,Cork.)

Its good to call 'your ma' scammy,cause its proberly true.

anyone who says scammy is cool ^_____^

Jenn: 'i cant believe your mam caught us takin coke.'

Sorcha: 'i know,shes a scammy beor.'
by Lauren_____n February 15, 2009
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