Little is known of Wooldridges as they are a minority perticulary in Eastern continents of the World. The defonition of a Wooldridge is a gypsy that feels compelled to burn down his/her own campsite. Although the exact reasons for this are unknown (reasons differ from Wooldridge to Wooldridge) many Wooldridges feel it necessary to begin new lives as homeowners in residential areas around the UK. However groups of Wooldidges may partake in an activity known as Dridge. Which appears to be unique to this sect of the gypsy community.
Strangely, most Wooldridges seem to be fairly timid and withdrawn from most social interaction. This is in complete contrast to the average gypsy and the reasons for this are also unknown.
Many Wooldridges appear to migrate to the Pontypool area of South Wales where they will attempt to begin their life as a normal citizen. Unfortunately for Wooldridges they usualy find friendships to be unstable. This is most likely due to the differences between them and other people. Wooldridges have; low self asteem, often have wierd behaviour, filthy and strange habits.
Many people in the community try to distance themselves from Wooldridges as they can potentialy cause emotional/moral trouble to all involved with them. This usualy found to be nearly impossible as they have an extreme tendancy to follow their "friends" wherever they may go. They also try to be more like those around them by behaving like those around them whoever they may be.
It is strongly recomended that all that have began to socialise with a Wooldridge cease all interaction immediately to avoid the dire consequences that are to follow. If you notice a Wooldridge as moved into your are you should move as soon as possible. Perticularly if you are a parent with small children.
Theres a Wooldridge at my doorstep

I said "hi" to a Wooldridge and now it wont leave me alone

Some Wooldridges have moved next door

That Wooldridge followed me home...again

Why does this Wooldridge copy everything I do

Some Wooldridges have reterned from a night out, I guess everyone as fun up the Dridge!
by Tommy Tynan June 10, 2008
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