The county seat of Yolo county, California. Woodland is a shitty truckstop-town west of Sacramento that people should only stop in if they're getting gas to go somewhere better. There's nothing to do here and its full of hicks wannabe thugs and tweakers who still dress like it's 2006. You can't drive through Woodland without seeing at least one tweaker yelling at the sidewalk, or a fat redneck with semi-rimless glasses and a leased dodge ram he can barely afford. The wannabe thugs will also drive past you blairing their crappy music thinking that they're in the hood. Woodland is pathetic.
Person 1: "Where are you from?"
Person 1: "Uh, where?"
Person 2: "WOODLAND CUH."
Person 1: "Where the fuck is that?"
by ThatStupidLittleDevil November 1, 2018
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Woodland is a sweet caring boy who is always working and deserves a break. He is friends with everyone but yet still has a main friend group. He will always attempt a task no matter how hard it is. Woodland has dark hair and is extremely handsome that one look at him will make your heart stop. He is always making his friends laugh and will make you laugh too
by Mulvinator July 26, 2019
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The coolest city in Northern Cali. jUST ABSOLUTLY THE BEST

Atlanta Georgia, and any other really popular city in other states! Woodland ca!! rep!!
by Pimpinpays June 20, 2006
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A village situated in the North east of England. Around the area of woodland you may find a deranged homosexual man drinking prosecco woodland is also well known for its ‘farmers’ and farm watch these people aren’t actually farmers just claim to be. The rest of the village is mainly made up of a shit tin church that would blow down if u breathed on it and also the coffin dodgers.
Want to go to woodland?
No it’s a shit hole.
by fishshopdoors March 25, 2022
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A junior high in Arkansas. Alot less superior to the opposing school, Ramay. The people who go there are losers.
Angel: Man, Woodland didnt do so hot at the football game last night.

Sarah: What's new?
by You know dissss. October 28, 2010
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The term Woodland is a description of someone who has certain unique appearances or behaviour that relates to a good ole' bush! Preferably things that are brown, green or if it makes a hooting sound.
A : How come you're eyes are so Woodland?
B : I guess it's beause they're a beautiful muddy shade of mahogany.
by Snack-a-doodle-do June 10, 2009
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