Woodland is a sweet caring boy who is always working and deserves a break. He is friends with everyone but yet still has a main friend group. He will always attempt a task no matter how hard it is. Woodland has dark hair and is extremely handsome that one look at him will make your heart stop. He is always making his friends laugh and will make you laugh too
by Mulvinator July 26, 2019
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The county seat of Yolo county, California. Woodland is a shitty truckstop-town west of Sacramento that people should only stop in if they're getting gas to go somewhere better. There's nothing to do here and its full of hicks wannabe thugs and tweakers who still dress like it's 2006. You can't drive through Woodland without seeing at least one tweaker yelling at the sidewalk, or a fat redneck with semi-rimless glasses and a leased dodge ram he can barely afford. The wannabe thugs will also drive past you blairing their crappy music thinking that they're in the hood. Woodland is pathetic.
Person 1: "Where are you from?"
Person 1: "Uh, where?"
Person 2: "WOODLAND CUH."
Person 1: "Where the fuck is that?"
by ThatStupidLittleDevil November 1, 2018
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The coolest city in Northern Cali. jUST ABSOLUTLY THE BEST

Atlanta Georgia, and any other really popular city in other states! Woodland ca!! rep!!
by Pimpinpays June 20, 2006
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A junior high in Arkansas. Alot less superior to the opposing school, Ramay. The people who go there are losers.
Angel: Man, Woodland didnt do so hot at the football game last night.

Sarah: What's new?
by You know dissss. October 28, 2010
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The term Woodland is a description of someone who has certain unique appearances or behaviour that relates to a good ole' bush! Preferably things that are brown, green or if it makes a hooting sound.
A : How come you're eyes are so Woodland?
B : I guess it's beause they're a beautiful muddy shade of mahogany.
by Snack-a-doodle-do June 10, 2009
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You know you live in the woodlands when....
- you can valet park at the mall
- your dad makes more money in one week than your government teacher does in an entire year
- it isnt exciting anymore to pass a lamborghini, ferrari, or bentley on the road any given day
- at school you park between an h2 and an escalade
- you see about 500 bmws a day
- every girl, starting at the age of 12, has a coach purse
- your best friend's pregnant
- you've never shared a bathroom in your life
- the Texan cheerleaders perform at your high school pep rally
- you can talk to someone in Illinois and they assume that you must be rich
- nick lachey sings at your prom
- you have to ask permission to paint your house
- your high school is rated the snobbiest in America according to David Letterman
- if you have nothing to do you buy some beer and drive around
- one haircut can change your reputation
- myspace takes the place of homework
- lunch tables are individual and round
- you pay someone to hang your christmas lights and mow your lawn
- the maids come every other wednesday
- your parents own multiple houses
- you go to jamaica, thailand, spain, belize, or the bahamas on a regular basis
- you suck if you dont get a beach house for prom
- you go skiing every year
- your school field trips include New York and Europe
- deaths and car accidents are usual
- your school has more people in it than some colleges
- you have to schedule an updo appt 6 months in advance if you want someone decent
- the sports teams travel in charter buses
- parties have top shelf liquor
- you go to a theme party every weekend
- they build your own skating rink in the winter
- there are only 3 cheap stores in the whole mall (and that's for the people who come to The Woodlands to shop but aren't actually from The Woodlands)
- when you need a plain white tank top and go to Bebe first
- you spend $95 on a christmas gift for your friend
- girls have 2 boyfriends
- nothing stays a secret
- about half the kids go to church, and out of that half only 10% actually follow religion faithfully
- your jeans cost the same price as ur video ipod
- mums cost $200
- if you dont have confidence or money, you are nothing
- you take your car to Aqua every week and just let someone else clean it
- there's a starbucks on every corner
- they put a tommy bahama's in..since those are mostly at vacation destinations (look it up)
- Fleming's is the new TGI Fridays
- you drop a quarter and just leave it cuz you dont feel like bending over for it
- you cant find your bmw at the mall, because there are 55 others just like it
- you see at least one new person in school every day
- you have a personal trainer
- you have the vbest new cell phone before it even comes out
- they serve Chic-Fil-A, Pizza Hut, Quiznos, and Smoothie King in ur school cafeteria
- you go buy Chanel glasses for yourself as a pity gift because you're having a bad day
- your dog is treated better than your sister
- you have a fridge in your room so that you dont have to go alllllll the way downstairs when you want a cold bottle of water
- you have more than one closet
- you're 17 and have a plastic surgeon
- a cheap mall trip only costs $500
- your driveway is gated
- you get fined if your fence isn't the right color or height
- just about every decent concert tour comes to the pavilion
- a decent date consists of dinner at the Cheesecake Factory and a walk through Market Street
- you hear parents talk about what a great "family community" this place is, and you hear your 13 year old sister talking about how wasted she and her friends got the night before.
- your orthodontist drives a porsche, at least when he isn't driver his other cars
- your friends are all gorgeous
- your diamonds are real
- you hook up with someone and by second period the next day, the whole school knows
- you get judged right away when people know where you are from
- you live on a Jack Nicklaus golf course
- your parents buy you multiple cars before you buy your own
- you can screw off in high school and college and still get a badass job cause your dad is a corporate executive with connections
- your football team could kick many colleges' football teams
- there are kids at your high school who can score perfectly on the ACT and SAT
- making millions of dollars from hard work and/or connections isn't even that attractive, it's the power that motivates
i admit its true.. i'd know, i'm from the woodlands
by jessica sYUP December 9, 2006
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