1. (adj.) used to show resentment towards a person, object or task.

2. (v.) the act of persuading your wife to let you get a purple pool table (refer to the Television series 'Til Death)
Maia: We have a test tomorrow and 3 assignments in English Class.
Alyssa: Are you freakin' woodcocking me right now?!?!
Skye Skye: HAHA! I get the reference. LOL XD!!!!111!!!!
by Minnie the Muncher November 16, 2013
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Where two people do the same action, however one person is attractive and one is unattractive. The action from the attractive is seen as cute and funny, where as it is seen as weird or creepy via the unattractive.
"Mike slapped her butt, and she thought it was funny. So did I, but now I have a restraining order"
"Looks like a bit of a woodcock complex, mate"
by DaTominator7 June 28, 2016
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Evidently, some bar in the Pittsburgh area said to have great food. Also, a famous bar in England of the same name. Has a great suggestive name. I mean, come on! Who wouldn't want to go there just because of that.
(looking for directions)
Some guy- How far is the Woodcock Inn?
Other guy- About 6 inches.
by Bob_Lenz April 08, 2008
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Tyler woodcock fucks you about and so does 2 of his brothers. He’s a frigid little prick and the only person he’d ‘fight’ is someone 2 years below. He smokes pot out of his uncles back garden shed and doesn’t even inhale properly. You’ll see him bezzing around carnforth on his shitty mountain bike (bmx) wearing his fake supreme jacket like he’s all 10 men.Overall he’s just a queer little pot noodle head whose balls are yet to drop.
Him: Tyler woodcock just started on me. Her: watch out he’ll get LA5, on you
by Fatwillys August 17, 2019
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A test of cognitive ability often given to special-ed students. It's funny because its entire name consists of three slang terms for the penis.
A: "I have to take the Woodcock-Johnson test of achievement."
B: *giggles*
by Anonymous938743 July 20, 2010
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a.)a sexual position where the man inserts a wooden spoon into the vaginal cavity and thrusts his fist into the anal passage.
b.)an I.Q test
a.) "Dude, I WOODCOCK JOHNSONED that hoe last night. Kitchen appliances have never worked in such ways!"
b.) "Okay now, I am going to give you the Woodcock Johnson. I will be video taping it for further studies."
by Bobbith Rizzle October 13, 2007
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A dude that looks like a walking tree.
Person 1: "Hey dude it that tree walking or am i just tripping"
Person 2: "Naw man that's just Andrew Woodcock"
by Nutritious starts with NUT February 17, 2017
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