1. A particularly lascivious bastard
2. One who engages in non-discreet ogling of the opposite sex
3. A person who plants cameras underneath office desks
4. The act of planting cameras underneath office desks
1. Man, that guy is such a Wong!
2. KDub wonged the new girl's cube.
by KDubb April 02, 2007
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A white guy who gets toyed with by an asian hottie and then is not given any sexual release.
- Man, that smokin' asian was all over you in the club. Wish I was you last night!
- Ya, right. She bolted for home as soon as we left the club. Said her parents had a curfew.
- What, you didn't even get to jack on her bitty asian titties?!? Dude, you've been wonged! That shit ain't right.
by Foo man choo June 04, 2011
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To cock slap a person while said person is on the ground.

It's derived from a kid from California who was kicked out of high school for sexual harassment. His last name was Wong. He was kicked out for sexually harassing girls.

One day during P.E. one kid was running and tripped. He fell to the ground. Wong came up to him, pulled out his cock, and cock slapped him. So "to wong someone" means to cock slap a person while that person is on the ground.
James ran and slipped, so Kenny took advantage of the situation and started wonging him. James was scarred for life, Kenny got suspended.
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The art of winging it in mong style. Basically having a red hot crack at doing something in a manner that defies all reason and logic. This can include actions performed by accident or without realization by an individual lacking in physical and cerebral ability and of unbelievable, inexcusable and indescribable stupidity (refer to fucktard). However, more often than not the individual is fully aware of and blissfully carefree to the fact that their actions are insanely fucked up, that they are prone to fucking up and that they have questionable mental capacity (refer to fuckmonkey or douche).
Example 1: "Fuck Trev, I know your mum is a cumdumpster but she offered to blow me. I wasn't sure what to do so I just wonged it! Man she sucks a good dick!"

Example 2: "Not sure if attaching these electrodes to my balls will fix my erectile disfunction, but fuck it, I'm just gonna wong it!".
by OneSwollenNut September 24, 2013
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