As in “you won’t do it”. Trying to get the person to do whatever. Almost like a dare
Joe “should I get that girls number
Ty “you won’t”
by Hips11 November 14, 2017
Used to date someone into doing something using reverse psychology. If someone says you won’t; you, by law of Jahseh, have to commit the action.
Friend: Hey Joe, shove Yura off the cliff

Joe: Noo, I can’t!

Yura: You won’t

*Joe shoves Yura off of the cliff*
by rushman20 October 28, 2019
If the phrase “no balls you won’t” is said after any dare or action this means you have to do it no matter what.
rina and bella said “tell tom you like him, no balls you won’t” so not that means kei$ha has to tell tom she likes him.
by bk bishes December 4, 2018
#1 Lie told by parents to get their child to confess something, which they then proceed to get mad about.
“You can tell me, I won’t be mad” “So I......” “You’re grounded for fucking life!”
by Lifefuckingsucks November 19, 2017