Variation of the phrase 'Off The Chain', meaning of excellence or best quality. Originated in Sports City Cafe in Mesquite, TX by DJ BammBamm in 2003.
by DJRio January 8, 2004
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Used to exaggerate an action further, usually following like a fox, but appearing before with a hose. May or may not be said by one involved in the conversation.
A: You're going to jump off a cliff? That's crazy!
B: Crazy... like a fox!
C: Off a cliff!
by babaloulou May 22, 2004
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To redirect a conversation in an unexpected direction, with unfortunate consequences; similar to "pulling a clavin"
Person A: Speaking of parents, how's your mother?

Person B: She died yesterday.

Person A: Oh, my ... I didn't mean to segue off a cliff.
by CannonOwner September 28, 2010
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A saying that you use if you are angry, annoyed, bothered, or they do anything to you, meaning go away, I don't like you right now
*someone is making annoying noises* "Fall off a cliff"
by Evellia April 5, 2016
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A phrase or an insult meaning one of three things. One being to actually pee off a cliff, two, being to make a cliff mad, or formally to piss off, but off a cliff.
Nik: Piss off a cliff.

Andrew: What should i say to piss it off?

Christian: Why would i piss off a cliff when i can piss in a bush?

Nik: No piss off. Jump off a cliff.
by Dig_Life August 24, 2011
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