Is funny, smart ,pretty ,cool, loves animals ,trustworthy ,playful, has a big family, and a big heart ,laughs a lot, shy ,honest (sometimes), and angel never let her go long gorgeous hair tallish ,middle child? Gamer girl ,loving ,thoughtful ,helpful smart ,kind, forgiving ,an amazing friend a goofball, loyal, can be quite and not give an opinion . Can be the best friend ever can be wild and usually calm can be stressed about a lot of stuff like school will do school work had good grades she is just like the perfect person to be with 😊 can be popular but doesn’t hangout with the popular kids because she prefers her normal friend group
Girl1: I am soooo happy Cristina is my friend like she help me with my math homework the other day she’s sooo smart !

Girl2: omg sameee Cristina shared some food with me cause I had already ate mine 😂
by Yogurt monster July 9, 2020
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The most amazing girl you will meet in your entire LIFE. They are very special so don't loose them. They are unique and not like anyone you will ever meet. They are beautiful inside and out. You can never replace her. She's like the sun after it rains. She's a goddess and extremely powerful. Never get on their bad side and make sure to ALWAYS respect her. She's super awesome to party with. She will light up any room any time. Very intelligent and always honest. Yara's have the best sense of fashion so always listen to them. They are DROP DEAD GORGEOUS! She has a face of an angel and acts like one too. Her smile can light up the darkest days. People strive to be like her. She is a huge sweetheart so be warned for many hugs. She has a thing for romance. You can always count on her to cheer you up. She is the best shoulder to cry on. She is the sexiest person who ever walked this planet. She is also very creative. Their minds are filled with wonderful ideas. She can turn a bad idea to a good one. Never doubt them, they're always doing what they know best. They have the best humor and have the funniest jokes. They can make you smile from ear to ear. They act like ladies and are super attractive. They are also really great kissers. Have the best butts too ;). She is perfect in every way.

Guy 1: Ugh, I need a Yara in my life.

Guy 2: I have one. She's so hot and awesome!

Guy 1: Dang! You are soooo lucky.:(

Guy 2: Yup they are SUPER rare!
There’s nothing better than having a Cristina in your life
by Happylove January 31, 2020
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That one lit ass bitch who makes all the boys and girls go weak. She's fun & cute asf. She's funny and makes everybody around her look dreadful. Get yourself a Cristina if you're prepared to deal with a wild adventurous bad ass. She makes every sore person cry in the corner out of jealousy!
1st person: Ew she's such an ugly hoe... she's dating my crush now -.-
2nd person: Nah you're the ugly hoe. She's a Cristina.
by Royce Roller June 25, 2017
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An amazing person who will have your back and make you laugh a ton
Cristina is so sweet
by Truestuff785 December 22, 2019
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Cristina is a super hot girl who is also super sweet. The BESTEST friend you could ask for. She makes everyone around her look ugly and outshines all. Though you might not notice it at first Cristina’s are mega thick and have big tits and a fat ass. They are the ultimate girl. Whenever you manage to date a Cristina you better not let go because they are the best. Sexy, sweet, loving, HOT, and very athletic. Usually play a lot of sports and are goddesses at them. Never underestimate a Cristina because they can become dark when pushed too far, though that takes a lot. Cristina’s are mega bad asses with good asses. THE ULTIMATE HOT ASS BITCH.
Guy: Woah look at that girl, she’s hot and has a FAT ASS.
Jealous Girl: no way.
Every Guy: oh definitely a Cristina.
by speaking straight facts November 28, 2019
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East-European beauty queen that you fall in love with before you realise it, smart chick with great attitude and an open mind
B: Oooh, Cristina!
C: I know!
by junkwd December 31, 2016
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The most AMAZING girl you could ever meet. She is the BEST BESTFRIEND you could possibly want. Any guy will be lucky to have her; although she doesn't know she can have ANY guy she wants. Every guy who turns their back on her will guarantee, the next day will regret losing her. VERY attractive, turns guys on. Cristina, is the type of girl that loves to be wild & free. Cristina doesn't deserve to be treated as "2nd priority". She is very chilled to hang with has an enormous great sense of humour.

Cristina is the most prettiest/amazing/trustworthy/ person you could ever come across .
one night after knowing crissy for about 1 and half, a boy popped up and told her how sick and tired he was and couldnt handle it anymore. they stop for awhile until 2 weeks later the same boy popped up and said "Hey beautiful girl. I'm really sorry about Monday and I know I acted like a total deusch :/I didn't mean what i said. U really are special. And it's not till we had an argument that I realised just how much u mean to me. I'm not expecting you to forgive me but I'm hoping you might find it in your heart to forgive me :/ "

This just proves that all guys should think about what they say before they lose one of the most amazing girl anyone could ever know .

Cristina .
by FILOREPRESENT April 28, 2012
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