An amazing 3 piece from Liverpool.
Band members:Matthew Murphy(vocals,guitar,keyboards)
Dan Haggis(Drummer)
Tord Overland-Knudsen(bass, additional vocals)
Tord is originally from Norway :
Murph-the dog
Tord-the fox
Dan-The rat
and cherub the wombat x
Genre: Indie, pop punk, alternative

Songs by The Wombats include: Backfire at the disco, Lets dance to Joy division, Kill the director, Moving to New- York, Sunday TV.
You can dance to their music :D

I went to see The Wombats in liverpool last night, they rocked lolz :D
by NuRaveGirl September 15, 2007
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The act of the scrotums of two men slapping against each other during a MMF threesome. This is largely incidental contact that happens during double penetration.
John wanted to have a threesome with me and my girlfriend, but was worried about accidentally wombatting me
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The religious belief which worships Wombats, stating that they are the masters of everything and the universe, creating the world as we know it, and everything around us. They are the secret masters of knowledge and strength. Only a select few are chosen as the disciples of these mysterious and awesome creatures, everyone else is a follower, united love, and brought together by the belief and spiritual powers of Wombats.
I am convincing a girl in school that i worship wombats, hence the name Wombatism, and this definition.
by buffblo March 18, 2009
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The most amazing animal that lives on this planet. it tops all other on beastly animals like the gay Red Ruffed Lemur. this animal lives in Australia and is almost extinct so support the Wombat Foundation!
I love those amazing Wombats they are the most beastly animals. So i created the cool Wombat Foundation.
by Billyroxmysox March 17, 2008
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A fat 4 legged furry creature with the same attitude as us men
Wombat: Eats roots and leaves
by flat6 July 14, 2006
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