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The tendency of some women to mistakenly believe that they automatically know more about any given topic than does a man and who, consequently, proceed to explain to him- correctly or not- things that he already knows.
Man A: When he started womansplaining to me what it really meant to be a man in the 21st century, I got up and left.

Man B: Really, what else could you do?
by equality advisor June 11, 2013
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Using bigoted, illogical rhetoric to explain why you intend to undervalue and/or ignore the point of view of someone of the opposite gender.
Claiming to be the final authority on sexism by right of your gender is womansplaining.
by Human 1986 June 26, 2015
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the opposite of mansplaining when a woman tries to belittle or shut down a man by gender shaming she is thus womansplaining
feminist: You're opinion doesnt matter because you're a male.
belittled male: Shut up you're womansplaining!
by d34thsh4nd June 17, 2016
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The opposite of Mansplaning, Womansplaining is a feminist/femi-nazi/feminISIS logic act of asking irrational questions and blocking the chance of a correct or logical answer and/or making unethical statements to try and force upon an inescapable predicament in a time of desperateness to make an unreasonable and unintelligent point.
"I couldn't even give her the reason why she was wrong because of her womansplaining. She told me to ignore the facts and answer the question and as i started again she crawled off into her safe space."
by Intercity82 July 31, 2016
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Womansplaining is when a Feminist try to take over a man in a conversation, due to the "patriarchy."
Feminist: "Stop being the patriarchy!"
Man: "What do you mean stop being the patriarchy, stop?"
Feminist: "Patriarchy is, all you men!"
Man: "Stop womansplaining."
by That person in a well March 18, 2017
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When a person is giving voice to an opinion or explaining something, all the while constantly interjecting excuses and self belittling nonsense.
Person 1: "I am no expert of course, but wasn't there once... or maybe twice, I'm not sure, this special campaign where it was possible to somehow exchange your old... or new I gue..."

Person 2: "Stop womansplaining and just get to the point already!"
by davogotland August 31, 2017
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The act of a woman actively avoiding a question by making an attempt to divert the conversation to a new topic.
Man: Why do you dislike Donald Trump?
Woman: why do you think that Hillary Clinton is an unsuitable president?

The woman here clearly can't think of a reason to dislike Donald Trump and is trying to divert the conversation towards a subject that she thinks the man wont have an answer for or now anything about thus enacting the fine art of womansplaining
by Genticles December 27, 2016
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