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Jovial term for someone who says or does something silly
Someone who adds 2 and 2 and gets 5. "What a wolly"
by Luke Walden April 16, 2003
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People with the name Wolly, even as a nickname, are generally caring people. Although they may appear to be wild and annoying at first, once you get to know them, you realize that they can be the most caring people out there. Always willing to talk to others about their problems, even if they barely know the person! They love making new friends. They tend to hide their feelings, however, when they're in public. Most Wolly's have a seductive voice. Wolly's are also usually musically talented, be it with instruments or vocals. Not the type of people that you want to pass up a friendship with!
Person 1: "Who's that?"
Person 2: "That's Wolly, he's really nice."
by Televisionsux December 17, 2014
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1) complete Waste Of Life
2) lacking the intelligence to accomplish any goal without the assistance of another
3) the living definition of a hypocrite
4) actual evidence as to the discontinuance of procreation
5) possesses the uncanny ability to eliminate any humor in any situation at any given time
1) Jared
2) anyone you truly dislike
by GOD July 13, 2003
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That motherfuckin nigga. Correction, the best motherfuckin nigga to ever waltz on this green and blue earth. Wolly's are rare as a minority Trump supporter, and they drive nothing but lamborghinis fueled by knowledge.
Dude 1: Who dat, fam?
Dudebro 42069666: That's motherfucking Wolly!!
by Televisionsux August 03, 2016
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A disgusting and awkward creature that eats other wollys. Has a unnatural obsession with knifes. Tends to kill everything they see with a smile on their creepy furry faces. They hail to Ol Pol Dribblets The Windmill The First, which is a windmill on top of a swing set. There are many different breeds of wollys: Heart Wollys, Old Geezer Wollys, Baby Wollys...etc. They enjoy singing disturbing songs in groups of 2 or 3s. There are very stupid and have a bad memory. They use old fashion language, for example they use "ye" and "tis"
Ello Wolly. I'm going to eat you for supper with gravy on top and a pickle in your ear.
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the act of welching on a pre-arranged bet. if i dont win i don't want to play anymore. an overall douchbag move...
you didn't win in the first few weeks so you don't want to play anymore......."oh come on don't pull a wolly!!!!"
by very big loser October 12, 2007
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