A member of or supporter of the Industrial Workers of the World (IWW). A shortened form of wobbly.
He knew every old wob song ever written.
by Katiefish July 13, 2005
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World of Beer. A fantastical bar with various locations across Florida. Features beer from all over the world and does take-out food orders from local restaurants for their customers.
Where to drink when the Chili's is closed: WOB!
by WOBMAN May 27, 2010
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abbreviation meaning: Waste Of Bandwith

insult used to express that the person on the recieving end is wasting a forum or boards available bandwith.
stop spamming, stupid wob

get a job, fucking wob
by mokothar February 16, 2005
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Waste of boobs: A girl that has very nice breasts, yet has no other positive quality to her.
Jeremy: "Dude, Stacy has like the nicest boobs ever!"

Chris: "Yah man, to bad that she is totskeez gross on every other level. She is such a WOB. Like, brownbag wouldn't even do her justice."

Jeremy: "True. But still... those boobs!"
by dudesgettinjacked March 13, 2009
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general state of being uncool; also a state when there are too many males present and not enough females
that club in vermont was wob, there wasn't a woman in sight
by augdawg July 16, 2006
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Acronym meaning Waste Of Breath. A person who is a WOB is useless and not good enough to be alive. Also associated with a person known as robyn. You may turn ones name into a form of WOB; WOByn, WOBy, WOBephanie, etc.
Person 1: I swear to god that motha fucka a straight up WOB
Person 2: why yo?
Person 1: Cause their useless as SHIT

Guy: robyn!!
Robyn: what?
Guy: you're a WOB.
Robyn: fuck you
Guy: OH wobyn
by Jacobisfuckingawesome January 11, 2011
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