International Workers of the World. A syndicalist - primarily anarcho - union that aims to overthrow capitalism and the state through forming "One Big Union" and then staging a general strike.
Jim: "You joining the IWW?"
Steve: "Nah..."
Jim: "Fucking scab."
by e dt October 15, 2018
To be used as a response to brb (be right back)

Person 1: brb
Person 2: cool! iww
In what way
Guy 1: She looks really ugly.
Guy 2: iww?
by CockPitt October 12, 2020
When 2 people act like their married, tell jokes, spend time together, take cute pictures and should be married but aren’t because they enjoy being friends better
Mr. lum: Did you see Dylan and rainie? Their a total IWW couple

Mrs.Martin: Nahh Kwinn and Kiari are more IWW. Didn’t you see all their cute pictures on snap?
by Rajjahkwinn February 27, 2018