When a friend puts on a ridiculous amount of weight in a short space of time, giving them an extra layer of fat around the thighs, belly, hips and tits that "wobbles" as it moves, movement is especially erratic during running, the wobble being abbreviated to wobs.
"Hey did you see Liam the other night, he's been on some crazy diet of cheeseburgers, fries and boiled eggs, but he never hits the gym. He's got the wobs now."
by Ciaran J Weijers September 15, 2007
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An acronym for Worn Out Box.

When a female is particularly experienced in the sexual act department with countless partners (no less then triple digits), usually lasting no more than a few hours per encounter.
The waitress, in her mid 30s now, walked with pride during her open shift as news of the young bearded rugby player she coerced into her bed the night previous rang through the restaurant. It was the 6th player on the team she had rubbed loins with that week. "You're such a W.O.B.", said the barmen. "You could probably have a child and those beef curtains wouldn't feel a thing by this point."
by AgeEh Em August 01, 2017
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When Penelope and Tarquin were glamping at the Boomtown festival they made sure to get the wobs in.
It's the main currency used at that particular event.
by Jasperion February 23, 2018
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Word Of Brandon. Used to signify everything that is said by Brandon Sanderson at signings or cons and therefore is canon.
Is there a WoB on hoid mating with stick?
by LegacyAscendant July 01, 2019
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A flabby part of a french or english bulldogs face, next to their mouths.
by french bulldog lover November 12, 2013
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Something that is lame, can also be used as a prefix.
ie. mikeadelic is wobadelic

The bar in vermont wobbly room is wob.
by shmoooth July 17, 2006
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