1 definition by Cray Cray flipse

When someone or something or what they doing is crazy and u have to take a moment to think what happened or what it is
Taylor : (white want to be black girl and dumb as fuck and somone a hoe should beat the fuck up.... Period pooh) when I woke up this morning my hair was really curly my nose is big and ugly today my lips are not normal extremely huge and my breath stinks I'm talking so loud and I feel dirty. Trinity:And why u telling me this do u want me to put common sense into you. Taylor:No I'm just telling u this because I have big news all of the things I'm saying lead to one answer IM BLACK all my hard work paid off I can say NIGGA NOW. Trinity:WTF WOAH (TRINITY IS BLACK AND CAN THROW HANDS) Taylor:Woah calm down I'm surprised to I'm so happy. Trinity: God I have had patience held my self back but today a bitch will be draggged send my ass to hell I dont give a fuck I'm done with this white as fuck bitch tryna be black (TRINITY jumps off table and aimes for taylors nose) Taylor: Woah (gets nose fucked up) so this is what I'm gonna be doing since I'm black now uhh so much work I first wanna learn the lingo then learn how to be ratchet. Trinity : (hears what snowbunny just said)
by Cray Cray flipse November 4, 2019
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