A type of sandwich involving a Swedish bun and Italian hot dog. Named after the Ingrid Bergman/Roberto Rossellini affair.
Jack orders a Stromboli whenever he goes to Lorenzo's Deli on 5th and Market.
by Lemons908 March 13, 2010
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1: Hey bro, ever had a stromboli?
2: Nah dude what's that?
1: Bro. It's like Italy's Burrito
2: Sick.
by brochacho808 December 29, 2010
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A slang term created on a trip to Spain that describes the process of one person licking another person's asshole for pleasure.
Emily Trombley is totally gonna stromboli me tonight.
by E-Mac Stromboli August 14, 2008
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another way of saying penis, dick,cock,shaft, you get the point........ strom for short
she got a fat ass i'd deff give her the stromboli
by kingkas888 April 18, 2011
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A man in his mid 30's that works for a Telecommunications company. Prone to gout, photo-shopped pictures and tennis elbow due to excessive and repetitive motions. Commonly has bad luck, resulting in stupid things happening to him.
Hey look! Stromboli is in a sling again. I'm guessing he was up late watching Skinemax making repetitive motions again.
by JJH880 July 09, 2019
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When a male bull has his balls cut off to supress arousal.
Mary treated Jerry like a stromboli when she would not let him go to the strip club with his friends.
by bent June 01, 2006
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The mastubatory act of sticking your own penis in your ass and then rocking back and forth. Called a "stromboli" because of the act's similarity to a long hotdog in a bun.
A tossed salad is always appropos after a good stromboli.
by mr.luigi December 23, 2003
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