A type of sandwich involving a Swedish bun and Italian hot dog. Named after the Ingrid Bergman/Roberto Rossellini affair.
Jack orders a Stromboli whenever he goes to Lorenzo's Deli on 5th and Market.
by Lemons908 March 13, 2010
1: Hey bro, ever had a stromboli?
2: Nah dude what's that?
1: Bro. It's like Italy's Burrito
2: Sick.
by brochacho808 December 29, 2011
A slang term created on a trip to Spain that describes the process of one person licking another person's asshole for pleasure.
Emily Trombley is totally gonna stromboli me tonight.
by E-Mac Stromboli August 15, 2008
A man in his mid 30's that works for a Telecommunications company. Prone to gout, photo-shopped pictures and tennis elbow due to excessive and repetitive motions. Commonly has bad luck, resulting in stupid things happening to him.
Hey look! Stromboli is in a sling again. I'm guessing he was up late watching Skinemax making repetitive motions again.
by JJH880 July 10, 2019
another way of saying penis, dick,cock,shaft, you get the point........ strom for short
she got a fat ass i'd deff give her the stromboli
by kingkas888 April 19, 2011
When a male bull has his balls cut off to supress arousal.
Mary treated Jerry like a stromboli when she would not let him go to the strip club with his friends.
by bent June 2, 2006
The mastubatory act of sticking your own penis in your ass and then rocking back and forth. Called a "stromboli" because of the act's similarity to a long hotdog in a bun.
A tossed salad is always appropos after a good stromboli.
by mr.luigi December 24, 2003