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A show where ultra slutty fairy girls (they get sluttier as the show goes on) who are supposedly in college but are really like 25 blast disgusting monsters with kawaii cutesie spells. Each girl has their own "element", i.e. Waves, Sun, Music (what the hell?! since when did music become an element?!). The main girl is named Bloom, the Fairy of the Dragon Flame, because she's just too good for just regular flame.

Basically, the show is BLOOM....and the rest. Bloom gets the cool power, the hot bf, the planet destroyed, and an archrival who wants to steal her hot bf. Thanks a lot, Nickelodeon. Thanks. A. Lot.
Transformations in Winx Club, PG porn with nudity clouds and super slender bodies and short sparkly clothes. Is there supposed to be a difference? I don't see one.
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by Sue Danym June 14, 2017
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A harem show about nude ladies running around made for perverts (where are your parents, children). It centers around Bloom, a severely retarded chick gone off a dimension ramp with Stella after finding out he's a fairy. She meets her roommates Musa, Tecna and Flora there.

It was created by evil scientists to scar people's childhoods and also as a fanservice show for people who have mental issues.
Tony saw a Winx Club downtown at the street last night
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by Withered Demon Rogue July 27, 2016
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An Italian cartoon that is a rip off of both Sailor Moon and Harry Potter made for 7 year old girls or tween boys who are closeted trans girls.
Hey Ashley you gonna watch Winx club this weekend?

No Julie I'm binge watching Sailor Moon it's way better.
by RavenClaw@Alfea September 01, 2018
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