The most amazing person on this planet. Such a beautiful, hardworking, inspirational girl. You can trust her with you’re life. She’s the best friend you can ever get and if you have a friend like her you’re the luckiest in the whole planet. She doesn’t yet know her worth and at many occasions underestimates herself. She’s insecure at times but that’s the way life’s forced her to be. She won’t only know you well but she’ll understand each and every emotion of yours even when you don’t convey it in words. Be it a good or a bad day she’s always going to hold you’re hand and take you ahead in life.
Flora is my life.
by MaUdFl February 4, 2018
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A type of girl who doesn't appreciate her floral like beauty, who doesn't believe that she is as amazing as people say she is.
All girls want to be her and all boys wish they could be with her.
Her beauty is not only skin deep
Extremely huggable, just plain and simply lovely
(trying to make a gesture here so if this could be published that would be much appreciated)
"I wish I could land a Flora..." - Guy 1
"Who doesn't!!! she's way out of everyone's league..." - Guy 2
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Flora usually of female love flowers and are a kind person. They may be shy at times but when you get to know them aren’t shy at all. The will always try to make the best of situations and are fun to be around.
Person 1: I just dropped my ice cream!
Flora: Don’t worry I’ll buy you another one.
Person 1: Thanks, your the best!
by floralbeauty March 31, 2018
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Flora is the most sweet girl but often gets taken withgranted she thinks she isint loved often times but she dosent know that lots of people love her also she has the biggest eyes and if you get on her bad side she will love you no matter what jsut don't try to become enimies you will be the one regretting it!
Wow is that Flora? Flora is so pretty!
by Rachelthorne January 2, 2018
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They sexiest and most beautiful girl you'll ever see. I have a crush on her, and want her so bad. You will not be able to find a better girlfriend than her. She is also smart and exceptionally kind. Who doesn't want to be friends with her?
Oh man, I wish Flora was my friend.
by LondonPepper33 March 11, 2021
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A Girl who is incredibly beautiful, smart, amazing, and creative. She is very open minded. Loves gardening and animals especially dolphins.
by Truth Judge 337 February 27, 2015
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Floras are popular girls who love to socialize. They are usually quite pretty. Floras are fun, nice, kind, smart, entertaining people. Floras are liked by many and have many friends.
Guy 1: Wow whos that girl I want to know her name
Guy 2: That's Flora man
Girl 1: Wow here comes flora I wish I could be like her
Girl 2: Yeah me too
by The April 24, 2013
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