This is an extention of Colorguard. Members wear massive amount of Makeup and Interesting Costumes to portray emotion and perform prerecorded music. This is one of the hardest things you can do.
We Dance better than the Dance Team (DUH) and Spin gracefully or Fastley a Flag, Rifle, Sabre.
by Bridget October 4, 2004
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Winterguard is the sport of the arts. Girls (and guys) work for months before compitions even start. Sometimes even before they are scheduled. Members of the team work their butts off spinning flag, rifle, and sabre. They dance, memorize drill, and work their butts off to get in shape. People say it isn't sport. You tell me next time i'm at practice and i'm doing conditioning. Also, when it's the 'off season' (known as fall and summer season) they are also working. Then they are working with the band. Which pretty much is the same practice schedule. It's intense! (oh...and we're NOT drill team)
Little girl: wow...look at the drill team
winterguard member: uhh....ya no. COLORguard.
Little girl: oh....
Winterguard member: (smile and walk back proudly)
by Hanlynna March 3, 2011
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An extremely difficult sport in which usually teenage girls dress up in various manners and perform infront of many people. In some winterguards, members have very simple makeup, others, more extravagent makeup. The winterguard members can use flags, rifles, sabres, and sometimes maces (flags on chains). The winterguard is an extension of colorguard.
"Our winterguard theme this year is White Houses by Vanessa Carlton."
"I am using a sabre and flag in our performance."
by the AwEsOmE one February 22, 2005
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An intense sport combining the dance of colorguard, with the inner-dragon of karate!
Person 1: Where are you going?
Person 2: Winterguard! It's the coolest!
by Shelby D. Foote February 12, 2010
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for people that have absolutely nothing better to do. Usually take it completely seriously and consider it to be a sport... which it is not. see colorguard which is also not a sport.
I think that they should cut football and give funding to Winterguard. - losergirl

Yea, I can really picture everyone going to winterguard competitions..
by aladatrouble March 23, 2005
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a group of girls and guys that spin flag, rifle, and sabre... and show up those conceited cheerleaders and queerleaders
winterguard is tougher than cheerleading...
by guardfish March 11, 2009
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Colorguard after field season and football games. Most likely made up of(high school groups are made of these): the group of girls that were in cologuard during field season, band members that are tired of sitting their asses in a chair and just play an instrument because theres no more marching band after 1st semester and they have to take P.E again if they happen to be required to take P.E at their grade level, some random people who just happen to spin stuff really well and learn very quickly, and kids who were transfered from another school who either have been on another guard or just claim that they were.

Not all winterguard shows have heavy makeup because their coaches think it unnecessary,unconfortable, and/or expensive.

Girl 1: OMG that winterguard show was awesome!
Girl 2: Yeah i saw it too. Did you see that saber toss? it spun like a milion times!
Girl 1: Yeah, that was like the best part!
by kittycat0143 March 15, 2009
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