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Colorguard after field season and football games. Most likely made up of(high school groups are made of these): the group of girls that were in cologuard during field season, band members that are tired of sitting their asses in a chair and just play an instrument because theres no more marching band after 1st semester and they have to take P.E again if they happen to be required to take P.E at their grade level, some random people who just happen to spin stuff really well and learn very quickly, and kids who were transfered from another school who either have been on another guard or just claim that they were.

Not all winterguard shows have heavy makeup because their coaches think it unnecessary,unconfortable, and/or expensive.

Girl 1: OMG that winterguard show was awesome!
Girl 2: Yeah i saw it too. Did you see that saber toss? it spun like a milion times!
Girl 1: Yeah, that was like the best part!
by kittycat0143 March 15, 2009
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One of many groups at school. Basically they are there during field season to make the band look prettier during performances on a football field. Then, after field season they go off and do their own thing called "winterguard" which is basically dancing on a colorful mat with equipment. Spins mostly flags sabres(pronounced sabers)and rifles. will tend to use other props, based on the theme of the show.
Performances: football game halftime, competitions, and somtimes school and community performances
Competitions: Field shows (With band)and
Winterguard shows

Popular with: Cheer (especially if one cheerleader is a former colorguard member and your colorguard group let them borrow your sound equipment)and football players are the more common ones, but guard members are also popular with other schoolmates and occasionally with football coaches.

It is a great place to have fun and make friends.
Contrary to what everyone thinks, not all male members of a guard are homosexual. In fact there are all male guards (more of the guards independent of high school).
This year, my school's winterguard theme is Mulan.

Girl 1:
OMG Sarah, you just have to see my colorguard show
Girl 2: Whats the theme this year?
Girl 1: We're doing Sweeny Todd
Girl 2: That's awesome!
Girl 1: I Know, huh.
by kittycat0143 March 15, 2009
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r-tarded myspace feature that gets a ton of people to waste their time only on myspace.
Some drive people to add people to their friends list that have the app just so they can access a certain feature on the app. Myspace probably developed them for the sole purpose of having people glued to their computer. some people are actually sane enough to realize that they are a big waste of time... Exceptions of this definition: apps that replace certain games that you like playing on your computer that you have to waste money just to buy.
Person1:I hate the myspace apps. All they do is lagg myspace
Person2: yeah i know.
by kittycat0143 March 15, 2009
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