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An extremely difficult sport in which usually teenage girls dress up in various manners and perform infront of many people. In some winterguards, members have very simple makeup, others, more extravagent makeup. The winterguard members can use flags, rifles, sabres, and sometimes maces (flags on chains). The winterguard is an extension of colorguard.
"Our winterguard theme this year is White Houses by Vanessa Carlton."
"I am using a sabre and flag in our performance."
by the AwEsOmE one February 22, 2005
A really skanky person who likes to have sex with random people or inanimate objects.
Man, that Josephine is such a ho bag. She sure gets around
by the AwEsOmE one April 15, 2004
Someone who flamboyantly and dramatically exaggerates their actions. This term works especially well for individuals who are exuberantly worked up over a matter that is of insignificant proportions.
Jo Saget: OMMGGZZZZZ, I can't believe it, Bob never called me back!!!!1111 My emo tears are streaming down my face and the world is out to get me. Everyone hates me and no one loves me and I'm so emo...I'm going to go listen to some Dashboard Confessional and then go cry myself to sleep.
Some other person: Chillax, you damn homoerotic cow!
by the AwEsOmE one June 28, 2004
Also see Richard Simmons

Exercise videos with a lot of blinding sequins and obese people jumping around, getting down with the oldies music.

Often induces said individual watching the video to have an intense urge to poke out his or her eyeballs.
DUDE I am totally going to laugh and cry after seeing Sweating to the Oldies!
by the AwEsOmE one December 13, 2004
A guy who likes to wear sequinced tops and spandex shorts - a lot. Often known for his work-out videos, such as "Sweating to the Oldies", where he will be joined on stage with various fatties in the background. According to an A&E biography on him, he used to be an actor and referred to as "Dickie". He was also apparently always yearning for his father's attention (could explain some things). Has never actually gone out and said he was homosexual, but all signs seem to point to YES GAWD YES!
Richard Simmons exercise videos are funny in a disturbing way.
by the AwEsOmE one December 13, 2004