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Winterguard is the sport of the arts. Girls (and guys) work for months before compitions even start. Sometimes even before they are scheduled. Members of the team work their butts off spinning flag, rifle, and sabre. They dance, memorize drill, and work their butts off to get in shape. People say it isn't sport. You tell me next time i'm at practice and i'm doing conditioning. Also, when it's the 'off season' (known as fall and summer season) they are also working. Then they are working with the band. Which pretty much is the same practice schedule. It's intense! (oh...and we're NOT drill team)
Little girl: wow...look at the drill team
winterguard member: uhh....ya no. COLORguard.
Little girl: oh....
Winterguard member: (smile and walk back proudly)
by Hanlynna March 3, 2011