like fall colorguard, except inside and the music doesn't get messed up : )
Winterguard is so much better than fall colorguard
by a1 April 19, 2005
It seems to me... a bunch of crazies who couldn't decide between joining the cheerleading squad and the drama club, so they got together and started this costumed form of cheerleading... People this crazy should be questioned... heavily, though, to give them due credit, they do seem to put forth a great deal more effort than any cheerleaders, or even most drama kids.
Absolutely nothing makes sense about this supposed winterguard.
by D351 January 27, 2007
This "sport" is an extension of colorgaurd. Though the "competitors" are dedicatated, they still manage to suck shit straight from the asshole of every cheerleader. Even the fat-ass one. The girls/fag-mo boys in this programme seem, at least to me, to be the cheerleader rejects. Usually homosexual (earning them the title FLAGGET) many of the baton twirling bags of anal dousch are either Morbidly obese or obscessed with such faggetry as pokemon/yougeeho (or however the fucking koreans spell it)or magic trading card games, or at least have SPED boyfriends who are. However they don't seem to notice that they are the laughing stock of the entire school. More People pay attention to Operation Social Change (yet another gaping, stinky cock garage in between the legs of society) than to the poorly performed dance routine of these ass tards. Where I'm from, the audience doesn't hesitate to launch projectiles from the top row of the bleachers at the skid-mark who has their toy wooden rifle smack them in the face as it twirls to the ground. Haha it makes me laugh just thinking about it. Back in Veitnam we used to juggle the bullet ridden skulls of Veit Cong infantry as Charlie's 84mm incindiary devices erupted in the trees above us. Try that!
~Haha that fat Winterguard fag just knocked herself out.
~Yeah i think she tried to catch the flag in her mouth.
~maybe if it tried to do that she might have caught it in her hands. Haha
by mahmoud ahmadinejad August 18, 2007
A group of 7 sexy ass members. 3 being fine ass males and 2 being slayed asf females. They perform in CWEA Circuit and WGI. Catch them competing in independent Class A!
Omg, did you see Zayn whip all that hair at Byrnes. He spins with Incipient Winterguard.
by Supercalifragibitchstic April 1, 2018