An Operating System developed by the much hated Microsoft Corporation. Became popular via amoral business practise on the part of Microsoft. Windows is world renowned for being insecure and bug ridden. Some describe it as "the only computer virus that you pay to use".
Excuse me while I run Windows Update and download yet another 80mb bugfix....er....sorry, "upgrade".
by LoneWolf June 18, 2003
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An operating system marketed by Microsoft. Many people hate it, but still use it. Here's some proof. WinXP-75% Win2000-6.5% WinVista-3.1% Linux-3.3% Mac-3.8% Other-about 3%
I am using a PSP to write this, and not windows. :)
by omgsandwich June 06, 2007
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A long sheet of glass held in place by four corners of a dense material. Usually used to see through buildings, although it can be used to satisfy a depressed person for example: jumping through one.
Brody looked through the window and saw his friend, Pierce.
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by Kidwithnohair December 16, 2019
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Air condtioning is like computers, as soon as you open windows it stops working.
Windows has preformed the 326 illegal operation today and will have to restar for the 327th time for no apprent reason"
by Anonymous October 31, 2003
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A word that fits any context and can be applied aslong as there is a fitting corresponding action committed by another homo sapien.

Commonly used when something is beginning to become either awkward or strange or after a questionable performance of low iq is shared amongst humans.

can also be used to describe someone who commonly commits these acts without fail.
humans: *has normal conversation*
window: "yeh my nans dead"

humans: *exist*
window: "What kinda porn do you watch?"

humans: *walks down corridor*
window: *grabs person*

humans: *tries to get through the day without dealing with window*
window: *says something with such low iq you genuinely feel your grades go down in exams you had years ago*
by Hench man mikey June 08, 2019
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The operating system that crashes every time you use it. Causes blue screen of death phenomenons.
"Hey look, a record! It's 45 minutes since I rebooted and my windows has still not crashed!"
by Anonymous November 06, 2002
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1.) Noun

An operating system for computers developed by the Microsoft Corporation. Despite the fact that it's pretty reliable most of the time, all people do is bitch and moan incessantly (especially nerds) about how it plainly sucks so much even though Windows OS runs about 90% of the PC market, so there's nothing they can really do about it because it's obviously successful. So instead of doing something about how much they hate windows, like, you know, maybe taking their asses to the Apple store to buy a damn Mac instead, or maybe formatting their hard drive and installing Linux, they just sit at home and bitch about how much they hate Windows, but they use it anyway which makes them massive hypocrites.

2.) Noun

An opening constructed in a wall or roof that functions to admit light or air to an enclosure and is often framed and spanned with glass mounted to on a track to allow opening and closing.
1.) OMG! I hate Windows OS so much! I can write my papers for school, make power points, email, store movies, music, and photos, chat, surf the web, and customize my wallpaper on Windows! I hate it so much! OMG!! Dexter just signed onto AIM! *begins chatting*

2.) Dude, open a window. It's freaking hot in this place.
by Asawisper July 19, 2008
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