Microsoft's answer to X Windows. Many people claim Windows always crashes, the only reason Windows crashes is due to poorly 3rd party written drivers, and 3rd party software written by careless programmers.
by Anonymous August 05, 2003
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An operating system to run your computer for you. If you are moderately computer-savvy, e.g., you understand that buying and installing anti-virus protection, internet firewall software, spy-dectection software, etc., actively safeguarding your own computing environment, e.g. you don't use ANY vendor's email client software, open attachments with extensions like .exe, etc., don't subscribe to file-sharing networks like shareaza which put BIG FUCKING HOLES in any other security software you may have installed, then you probably won't experience all the horrid "crashes" reported by the naysayers.

If, on the other hand, you're an unemployed software programmer whose resume was shit-canned by Microsoft and you have nothing better to do with your day than find "holes" in the OS, you'll probably find what you're looking for. As for me, I like to look at beautiful (a-hem) pictures and movies, keep track of my finances, get information off the internet, and just generally have a GAY ol' time on the internet. Windows XP couldn't be better or easier to use.

And P.S. Will somebody please kill and bury Quicktime and Apple? Talk about way past their prime...they're like a Jaguar competing in an Acura and Lexus world...nobody's saying the Jaguar's aren't pretty...it's just that the Lexus will actually GET YOU THERE TOO!!!
1) I bought one of the first MAC's ever. No...NO...I did NOT buy a LISA!!

2) Steven Jobs is a GOOD guy, Bill Gates is a BAD guy. And their respective bank account balances clearly prove the point!!!

3) No one will hire me because I refuse to accept the project manager's directives. So, instead, I've installed LINUX to facilitate my hacking into WINDOWS-based PCs, just to show how suck-ey their god-damned OS really is.

4)The Tower of Babel is infinitely more desirable than a single, standardized approach, if you really care about instruction sets, for Christ's sake!!!

5) Let's win the marketing war by cornering the education market, so all those poor school-kids can fuck around with apple software for ten years until they graduate into the REAL world.
by herman gates March 31, 2004
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Windows is a really unstable Operating System even in the year 2005 it still crashes constantly, hogs memory there not much I can say thats not already been said, I personally Run windows 2000 pro on one partition and Gentoo on another and I'm quite happy using windows 2kpro for certain games and software and gentoo for other things.
Lamer: "Windows sucks"
Linux User: "Yeah I know, why not use Linux?"
Lamer: "I don't know how to use linux"
Linux User: "Try Mandrake or Fedora It's designed for people like you"
by Adolf Gates February 14, 2005
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A operating system that is widely used aroudn the world, most games and applications require it, and therefore you can see its usage. Mind you that buying windows is expensive, and you will become a bum with a copy of Windows XP Professional
Jerry : My computer isn't working
Jerry: Yeah, well Windows is like that, works one day, and doesn't the other
by Kevin Abeysekera April 09, 2004
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A peice of crap OS that has only one way to properly fix it.

1. Enter Command Prompt
2. Type 'Format C:'
3. Insert Linux Installation Disk 1
4. Follow onscreen instructions
5. Congratulations, Windows is fixed.
I fixed Windows, I got Linux.
by _|-|}06 & bOb June 03, 2005
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the computer cheap people buy. it sucks, is slow and insanely complex. science mags say macs are better. seriously.
sally: my windows kept crashing on me last night while i was trying to make a movie and simultaneously download from itunes
bob: thats because windows suck for anything visual or audio. buy a mac. conform!
by maddy January 14, 2004
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A virus that people buy to make their computer "Run faster then Linux!".
I wasted $300 on Windows XP and it doesn't even work on my computer!
by unix_hacker September 08, 2004
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