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A euphonism used to describe the testicles, originating from their vague resemblance to porch decorations.
1. "Do you want to play my windchimes?"
by J-Swifty October 04, 2007
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Windchime is a term used by devout racists to refer to niggers. This term originated from the lynching of spooks in the south, because they, like windchimes, would hang out in the open.
by ACloseFollowing June 30, 2004
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According to the late, great George Carlin, it is NOT a musical instrument
It's the same with those unfortunate mutants who think wind chimes are a musical instrument
by LIlparkczar July 10, 2008
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When a female vegina has become so lose from sexual activity that her vaginal lips blow and chime in the wind.
"Beth has had sex with 300 men--now her veginal lips hang, dangle and sway in the wind," said Jim.
"Yes." said harry. "she has wind chimes!"
by Teddy bear jim bo March 23, 2007
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The little bittys of pooh left over on your bumpubes after sharting
Me- have your sharted ?

Rob- maybe, how?

Me-i can hear your windchimes
by spuxy June 25, 2012
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one of the most excellent instuments in a band. It takes serious skill to play these difficult and beautifully crafted instruments. They are reffered to as "the most important instrument" in the band, and the band would crumble with out them and the great windchime player!!
omg, look at her play those windchimes! shes the most important member of the band!
by nothanks!!! March 22, 2006
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