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A phrase one might use to describe a gay male and his female best friend (fag hag).
A "Do Rich and Nicole go out?"

B "No, they're definately Will & Grace."
by Annee April 04, 2006
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Alternative to MOGII, easier to pronounce.
The MOGAI community in my city is very friendly.
by sebasty September 04, 2014
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A show based around the lives of an interior designer (Grace) and her gay best friend (Will). Also, their two friends; Karen and Jack. I love Will & Grace.....
Jack: That man is straight! And I can prove it because I know a girl who he made out with who can be here in 5 minutes, thats right, 5 minutes because she has no life!
by Biddy July 05, 2005
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TV-show which features 2 gay men, a female interior designer and an egocentric woman. Good entertainment. Watched by millions worldwide. Will is hot.
Sorry, I can't come to the funeral, they're showing re-runs of Will & Grace.
by MadiZone November 01, 2003
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Two very important characteristics of a good leader.
President Truman was known for his strong will and the grace he displayed in social environments.
by Diggity Monkeez May 07, 2005
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A show about four people who like the same gender.
The characters from Will & Grace all love dem boys.
by raspberry (lust) muffin September 14, 2005
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