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TV-show which features 2 gay men, a female interior designer and an egocentric woman. Good entertainment. Watched by millions worldwide. Will is hot.
Sorry, I can't come to the funeral, they're showing re-runs of Will & Grace.
by MadiZone November 01, 2003

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A free open audioformat (.ogg) developed by Xiph.org Foundation. Uses various technologies to create audioquality comparable with mp3PRO at low bitrates and MP3 at high bitrates. Encodes and decodes fast. Available on many platforms. Opensource. Beats MP3 and WMA fair and square in terms of sound quality.
Streamable. Plays in e.x. Winamp.
Demon: Use the best audioformat in the world.
Us: And we used the first thing that came to our mind (Ogg Vorbis), which just happens to be the best audio format in the world.
Demon: You be angels?
Us: Ne, we are but penguins.

I just got some oggs from kazaa - they're ace.
by MadiZone May 22, 2003

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Windows Media Audio. An audioformat invented by Micro$oft. Uses sophisticated specially developed patented micro$oft technologies to cripple audio quality beyond reality. Uses an annoying copy protection scheme, in order to pose as a friend to the recording industry.
Claims to be CD-quality at 10 kbps or so. Sounds like a trashbin tortured by Al Qaida.
Inferior to Ogg Vorbis.
I just ripped a whole CD using WMA at 48 kbps. It sounds fucking better than CD-quality.
OHH NO! My WMA are secretly tied to my computer, I can't transfer it anywhere or the copyprotection will kick in.
Wow, this sounds like shit. You have no clue on how to make mp3-files? Did you use WMA to make this?
by MadiZone May 22, 2003

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Big company who pretends to be qualitybrand, but distributes legions of bad products. Shitty webcams, buggy soundcards and slow videocards to name a few.
Well - He bought a generic modem at the store. When he came home, he found out those fucktards gave him a creative modem. God, he was mad when he realized it.
by MadiZone November 18, 2003

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