A brave attempt by NBC to push back TV boundaries by making a comedy series with no jokes in it.

The set-up is this: Will is a homosexual gay male that fancies men. He moves in with Grace, who is straight and therefore finds men attractive, like her gay flatmate Will, who is a homosexual. Homosexual Will, who is a gay queer with a prediliction for males, is gay. Like most gays, Will is not attracted to women. Rather, he is attracted to men.

Will, who is gay, has a friend named Jack, who is also gay. The two of them are not lovers, even though Will likes the cock, because he's gay. Jack, the other gay, is flamboyantly homosexual, unlike his friend Will, who is very reserved and deadpan. And gay.

Each episode revolves around the characters commenting on how gay Will (and to a lesser extent, because it's so obvious) Jack are. That's it. Oh, Grace might have a subplot that Will can resolve with his powers of queerosity. And Jack's wretched fag hag might turn up, but only so they can both make a point of staring at men's arses, because Jack's gay and she's not, BUT THEY BOTH FUCK MEN.

It's won awards. Seriously.

In summary: Gay.
The ultimate episode of Will & Grace would be a half hour of a fat guy singing Cher songs.
by eswqeestrted February 05, 2006
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a television show that for no apparent reason gets high ratings. not the least bit funny. the jokes on this show seem to be written by senile 75 year olds.
i laughed when watching will & grace, but that's because my brother farted when i was watching.
by RayH January 15, 2004
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