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1. Responsible for all wars throughout human history because they are too irrational and violent to find any other means to solve conflict.

2. Unnecessary part of the human species. After being forced to jerk off into a paper cup at age 13 (which may be used later used to impregnate females) they may be sent to camps to perform the menial tasks woman are too good to do.
I actually love men; I just wish they would see how ridiculous they are and respect, love, and cherish women the way the deserve.
by Annee May 05, 2006

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A term that young American guys use to refer to their friend.
"My buddy lives there," or "I'm going to my buddy's house tonight."
by annee January 12, 2006

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A phrase one might use to describe a gay male and his female best friend (fag hag).
A] "Do Rich and Nicole go out?"

B] "No, they're definately Will & Grace."
by Annee April 04, 2006

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The peninsula of land in between the Chesapeake Bay and the Atlantic Ocean that contains three states: Delaware, Maryland, and Virginia. Also called "The Eastern Shore."
"It's a beautiful day on Delmarva!"

"Let's go to one of the beaches on Delmarva."

by Annee April 27, 2006

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A superior being responsible for all human life. Is the more kind, compassionate, caring, gentle, rational, and creative of the two genders. Her body is much more biologically complex than that of a man. The average lifespan of a woman is 7 years longer than men. She is less likely to engage in violent activity- being able to deal with her disputes with more civilized methods. She is better able to control her primal need for sex than men.

Men have managed to take control of society by using the one sole aspect in which they are superior to woman- brute strength. Man destroys while Woman creates.

The only reason the female seems to be overly concerned with her looks is because the male-dominated society has led her to believe since birth that she only has worth if she is beautiful.

The oppression she has had to endure throughout the history of humankind only serves to make her stronger.
A woman is a beautiful creature; highly superior to her male counterpart. The men who write the terrible things about them on this website are disgusting, pitiful excuses for human beings. They should go to their mothers immediately upon reading this and beg for their forgiveness and thank her for giving them life. Those who degrade women are only showing how extraordinarily inferior they are to her.
by Annee May 05, 2006

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