Origin of name is Hispanic. (Ex. Honduran, Spanish.) Not to be confused with "Alfredo" or "Fred".

An emotionless hardass to those who don't truly know him, but a thoughtful, passionate, loving, dedicated sweetheart to those he cares for. Quite often a liar, but his abundance of great qualities makes up for it. Slightly dorky, but that only adds to the appeal.

Also a wonderful cook, hard worker, and fantastic lover. The sexiest man you will ever lay eyes on; the definition of "tall, dark and handsome."

All around the full package. Be jealous of anyone who has a Wilfredo.
I wish I had a Wilfredo!
by PiercedPeppermint December 13, 2010
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Wilfredo ;
you want him in your life, forever ..
keep him close , and personal ...
he looks like hes going to kill you, but inderneathe those dark brown eyes, he's more loving than anyone, especially to his girlfriend, or to people he loves.
he's got anger, and fear inside of him, in which he slides aside and focuses on sports.
Wilfredo is very active, and incredible coook.
He's funny, akward, and stays quiet with people who he don't know.
People who he is comadible with, is Jessicas, Emilys, Jasmines, Shellys , Ambers , Tatiannas, Tierra, Sierra, Laura, Laurissa, And who ever steals his heart first .. Tall, sexy, brown eyes, and brown skin, Wilfredo is pure gold... who has familila whome you don't fuck with , they wiilll kick your asssss.
" my boyfriends Wilfredo "
eeew , what a name
" uhhh , what a face (;"
by soccersexxxy July 2, 2011
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Wilfredo is an amazing thoughtful guy that anybody would be lucky to have as a friend. he will always be there and is always putting others first. he’s one of the most special people you will ever meet, especially to his girlfriend. he is someone you want close and not to loose. he doesn’t show his emotions easy, but once you hear them, you realize why it’s so important to cherish them. he acts like a tough guy on the outside but to the people that really know him, he is a strong, loving, funny, sweet, generous, squishy (not in weight), and so so special.
I think Wilfredo likes me

You’re so lucky! Don’t let him go.
by Aaaalllyyyysssaaaa February 11, 2019
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Wilfredo is a very nice friendly person. Perhaps the nicest you will ever meet. Super quiet and shy but when he lets you in he lets you in! He’s also the realtor you have been looking for and need. He’s the one that will get your house sold and he’s the one who will find the house you need. If you don’t have a Wilfredo then you have the wrong person.
I need to sell my house.
-oh it sounds like you need a Wilfredo.
by The NJ Realtor November 23, 2021
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Wilfredo is really good couples with Emily 😍
Woah look there goes the good couple Emily and Wilfredo
by Fromda9 October 8, 2019
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He like to watch loli hentia with his girl
Unless she gives him a blowy
1. Dirty Wilfredoplease fk me until I squirt on ur face
by WILLS.MEME.PAGE April 22, 2020
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