He is fucking HILARIOUS! He will do or say anything just to make you laugh. He is most importantly, an amazing friend. He will NEVER want to see you sad or mad. If he sees you this way, he will go out of his way to change that. But don't let his niceness fool you. If you make him mad or mess with his friends.. ohhh you will be sorry. You will catch him blasting some tunes by most likely The Weeknd or some Travis Scott. You know yo are his homie when he starts to call you "dawg" or "foo." So if you come across an Alfredo, make sure to make him your best pal.
"What's up dawg?" Oh he is definitely an Alfredo
by KrazyK25 December 12, 2018
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Extremely handsome, the kind of guy that would do anything for you. Has muscles on top of his muscles. He's loyal and trust worthy, loves his family and his friends. Will put your needs above his. The kind of guy you want to take home to your parents. Someone who will succeed in life. Always supportive and caring. Someone all the girls want but is faithful to only one. protector. Never clingy.Someone you will always want in your life. and has a gorgeous bubble butt.
Guy one: oh no here comes alfredo Guy two: yeah he'll take all the girls
by HisButthead October 26, 2014
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The most real Motherfucker out. Alfredo will always have your back and defend you in most cases. He isn't scared of flirting with another mans girl. Alfredo is usually really funny and the type to even make a teacher laugh.
Alfredo is so damn funny like... damn.
by mrStealyogirlJose January 29, 2019
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A drug dealer that keeps it on the low. He be getting high and can get a little way to hype. He always had a time and place for everything. He is a very nice and caring person but if you get on his nerves things might change. His family always come first before anything or anyone. Multiple girls wants him but he stays loyal for this one girl who really deserves him.
“Omg look at Alfredo he looks high
“Alfredo is so cute
by Lovehdj April 6, 2020
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The best boyfriend a girl could ever ask for(: sweet, loving caring, kind, puts others before himself, funny, and the greatest guy in the whole world(: is also an awesome saxophone player(;
Alfredo is awesome!
by saraboo(: December 2, 2011
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He is the most handsome,hot, and cute person is is very kind, funny and charming. If your ever feeling sad he will make you put a smile one your face. He is also a very great trumpet player. He is very special.
Alfredo is nice and cool!
by Karina0118 April 23, 2019
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A real cool, cute guy he likes to keep it real with he's freinds.
He's a such good player, All though he may not look like one.
He's game is one of the best's. That nigga is always ballin but never fallin, and he can't be stoped NO WAY, NO HOW.!
His haters are his favorite fans when he makes an apperance, But he never be waisting he's time with them.
he don't give a fuck bout what people think 'cause he ain' here to please no nigga or bitch.
He chooses he's Money Over Bitches (M.O.B.
Hater #1: "I fucking hate him and his killa ass swaggg."
Hater #2: "I know he needs to GTF.! Man!."

Bitches: "Hey Alfredo tonight i want you to fuck me hard, I'll be yours the whole night!"
Alfredo: "Nah I can't tonight sexxy I gotta go pick up some money"
by Niggie Biggie March 24, 2011
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