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He is fucking HILARIOUS! He will do or say anything just to make you laugh. He is most importantly, an amazing friend. He will NEVER want to see you sad or mad. If he sees you this way, he will go out of his way to change that. But don't let his niceness fool you. If you make him mad or mess with his friends.. ohhh you will be sorry. You will catch him blasting some tunes by most likely The Weeknd or some Travis Scott. You know yo are his homie when he starts to call you "dawg" or "foo." So if you come across an Alfredo, make sure to make him your best pal.
"What's up dawg?" Oh he is definitely an Alfredo
by KrazyK25 December 11, 2018
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A euphemism for β€œkill me” now that composting oneself after one’s death has become popular.
All right, why don’t you just compost me?
by Dr Bunnygirl March 22, 2020
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Extremely handsome, the kind of guy that would do anything for you. Has muscles on top of his muscles. He's loyal and trust worthy, loves his family and his friends. Will put your needs above his. The kind of guy you want to take home to your parents. Someone who will succeed in life. Always supportive and caring. Someone all the girls want but is faithful to only one. protector. Never clingy.Someone you will always want in your life. and has a gorgeous bubble butt.
Guy one: oh no here comes alfredo Guy two: yeah he'll take all the girls
by HisButthead October 26, 2014
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The best boyfriend a girl could ever ask for(: sweet, loving caring, kind, puts others before himself, funny, and the greatest guy in the whole world(: is also an awesome saxophone player(;
Alfredo is awesome!
by saraboo(: December 01, 2011
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1.The boy's name Alfred is pronounced AL-fred. It is of Old English origin, and its meaning is "elf or supernatural counsel." Alfie is a pet form; Alfredo (al-FRAY-doh) is the Latin form.

2. A pasta sauce originally consisting of butter, cream, and the finest parmesan cheese available. Modern versions add garlic, peas, and less expensive parmesan. All of these will make fine sauces, but nothing can compare to the original version.
1.Poet Alfred Tennyson; movie director Alfred Hitchcock.

2.Fettuccine Alfredo.
by alfredo k. September 28, 2006
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1.White sauce made of heavy cream, butter, parsley, and minced garlic. Usually served with Fettuccine.
2.Typical italian man's name.
Pay attention when talking to italians and saying: you want fettuccine with Alfredo?, they might answer: "No thanks, I am alone"
by Ciro Martinelli September 06, 2005
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