A person who is generally unpredictable and has no defined role in a group of friends, and their often reckless and wacky behavior can either benefit or hurt the group depending on the situation.
Mac: Guys, why aren't the breaks working?
Charlie: Because I cut the breaks! Wildcard, bitches! YEEEEEEEEEEEEEEHAWWW!
by ghost of billy mays July 24, 2010
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That one friend who always does the dumbest, scary, and dangerous shit. Their friends don't believe they actually do the dumb shit the first few minutes that they know them, but after that, their loves are changed forever. They are usually that one quiet kid that always sits at the back of the class and nobody knows their name. Don't ever get on the bad side of a Wildcard, they can fuck you up like it's nothing.
"Hey, you see Julie over there, she's such a Wildcard"
by Clumzy Hooman October 24, 2019
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The action of taking multiple dicks up the ass at once. Only men can be wildcarded.
"Aww man i just got surprise wildcarded last night"
"My anus drew the wildcard and its bleeding now"
by DaFool Fucked Wildcard's mom January 8, 2010
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A person who is really gay but doesn't want to admit it.
Tanner Bernard is a Wildcard.
by Jeremy Benthom December 25, 2010
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a girl who is unpredictable but fun. The life of the parties but never easy. Everyone wants her, but she cant be held down. You never know what to expect!
She is not like all the other girls, she's different. She's a wildcard.
by whosethatguy? March 19, 2011
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1. In poker, a card which can be assigned any value the cardholder wishes.
2. An factor affecting events in an unknown or unpredictable fashion.
3. In sports, usually a playoff spot available to a team that does not finish first in their division or league.
1. In this hand, sixes are wild.
2. I know what John is going to say, but Vince is always a wildcard.
3. The Cleveland Indians are behind the Yankees, but they still have a chance at the wildcard spot.
by ronald x October 3, 2003
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a wildcard in computer world is eg. *?

a * usually represents zero or more any characters, numbers etc, and a ? means any 1 character, number etc.
they're used to denote many files, or search for something (called glob searching)
*.exe for all exe files in some directory
*hotrod* to search for word hotrod anywhere in a doc
by deice May 28, 2003
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