While having sex with her legs on your shoulders, you deficate in your hand and then through it in her face.
The wild monkey was first developed in Michigan . It is the common practice of pooping in your hand while having sex and throwing it in her face.
by Drake Johansen May 25, 2009
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wild, crazy often loud sex. like can be seen when apes are mating. pretty much self-explanatory.
1."could u hear the neighbors last night?"

"who couldnt? they were havin crazy-money sex"

2. the kids were outta town so the parents had wild-monkey sex
by (:~revenge is sweet~:) June 05, 2006
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Another term for 'da bonk.
Dawna: Hey man, I they're doin' the wild monkey dance up there...
Jamie: I'd be happy with a damn blumpkin.
by niteowl March 30, 2004
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The filter for the word "fuck" on www.Thewarcenter.com
You are such a wild monkey love

*Replace wild monkey love with fuck
by Phade November 30, 2004
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Last night I had sex with one of the 17 women I have fucked before, with my cock of 7 inches
by Quicksand Jesus April 18, 2004
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