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A slang word for a homosexual or also used in wrong terms when person is disliked.
1. Tyler is so Wies.
2. This science homework is so Wies.
by Cig Bhodes November 21, 2007
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The greatest way to ask your buddy (male or female) if they would actually have sex with the person you are talking about.. So SUBTLE, and the person never knows.. WY is the first 2 letters in "WOULD YOU". Say the letters by themselves, together fast. And no one is the wiser!
Dude, look.. over there... "W Y".
by David February 09, 2005
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Male name: friendly person but realy stuburn. Will not tell he's wrong untill it is proven. Also very sportif.
Wies is a great person
That guy's name is Wies
by Machine2 June 16, 2011
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It's a 'w' question derivativ of 'why'.

The new speling-cut 'w' questions ar, 'wen, wy, wher, wat'

Wy is it dat pipple don't du wat they ar supposed tu?

Oldension: Old English Version wud be...
Why is it that people don't do what they are supposed to?
by Eddi P October 12, 2007
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wy is me the one typing on the computer.
i skipped a grade now i am in econd grade.
by wy January 12, 2005
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