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Wolfenstein was the mother of all first person shooters.Doom was the father,and Duke Nukem 3D was just the creepy uncle that everybody thought was a pedophile......
Halo/World Of Warcraft Player:OmFg HaLo teZ ThE ShiTZ!!!!!!!!!1111!HALo Iz LikE So LeGEndEry!!!11!FirST GoOd GamE evA!!!! !!!! !!!!111! !!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!

Normal person:Wolfenstein was the first first person shooter game so personly I think that it's legendary and that halo is just a stupid game,that's all.

H/Wow Player:0mFg StfU u no0b!!!!!! !!!111!!!!,hAlo is LikE sO awzome!!!!!!! 111!!!!!!!WoLf WaS LikE sO oLD!!! !!!!!1!111

Normal Person:*Sigh*
by TeZ ShITZ!!!!!!!!!!1!!!!!!!!! October 25, 2007
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Perhaps the best video game series ever, consisting of the original first-person shooter (Wolfenstein 3D), as well as two prequels and highly acclaimed sequels.
"Hey man, remember Return to Castle Wolfenstein?"
"Yeah, that was the best PS2 game ever!"
"I know! And to think that nine years later I still can't stop playing it!"
by Lieutenant Hawk February 04, 2010
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