Wolfenstein was the mother of all first person shooters.Doom was the father,and Duke Nukem 3D was just the creepy uncle that everybody thought was a pedophile......
Halo/World Of Warcraft Player:OmFg HaLo teZ ThE ShiTZ!!!!!!!!!1111!HALo Iz LikE So LeGEndEry!!!11!FirST GoOd GamE evA!!!! !!!! !!!!111! !!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!

Normal person:Wolfenstein was the first first person shooter game so personly I think that it's legendary and that halo is just a stupid game,that's all.

H/Wow Player:0mFg StfU u no0b!!!!!! !!!111!!!!,hAlo is LikE sO awzome!!!!!!! 111!!!!!!!WoLf WaS LikE sO oLD!!! !!!!!1!111

Normal Person:*Sigh*
by TeZ ShITZ!!!!!!!!!!1!!!!!!!!! October 26, 2007
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Perhaps the best video game series ever, consisting of the original first-person shooter (Wolfenstein 3D), as well as two prequels and highly acclaimed sequels.
"Hey man, remember Return to Castle Wolfenstein?"
"Yeah, that was the best PS2 game ever!"
"I know! And to think that nine years later I still can't stop playing it!"
by Lieutenant Hawk February 5, 2010
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The game that caused Fortnite,Halo and COD even though the game wasn't the first fps game (some weird ass tank and maze game for atari 2600) it was revolutionary.
fag: oi oi bruv woofcuck are gay do ceees:goo.
wolf3d player: you wouldn't have ''cs:goo'' without wolfenstein.
by HugeBuldge June 16, 2019
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The cheapest, nastiest vodka that you can ever buy... just looking at the cheap plastic bottle and poorly designed labor will bring back memories of the last hangover that "The Wolf" brought on. Yet the wonderful price coaxes you into buying it anyway
Charley, let's go down to the Iraq Shack and get some liqour. I am low on cash, we will have to buy some Wolfenstein Vodka, the bitches won't even know the difference.
by Dave the blazer June 1, 2005
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1) The third in the Castle Wolfenstein games. A FPS created by id Software. You play as BJ Blackowics and you have to escape Castle Wolfenstein, killing Nazi's along the way. You also have to kill Hitler.
2) Gave birth to games such as DooM, Rise of the Triad (which was also reffered to as a sequal somewhere) and is followed by Spear of Destiny.
Castle Wolfenstein, Beyond Castle Wolfenstein, Wolfenstein 3D, Spear of Destiny, Return to Castle Wolfensteinh
by horror_blood July 8, 2004
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1) The first in the Wolfenstein games. Used 2D overhead view and was released for the Apple 2 computer and the Commodore 64. It also used voice samples. It was about a US soldier who has to escape from Castle Wolfenstein and avoid Nazi's.
2) The Castle in the Wolfenstein game series.
3) Also reffered to as Wolfenstein 2D, has a sequal and a FPS created by ID software.
Castle Wolfenstein, Beyond Castle Wolfenstein, Wolfenstein 3D, Spear of Destiny, Return to Castle Wolfenstein.
by horror_blood July 8, 2004
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The owner of a Google+ community called DANK MEMES, who disappeared every single time chaos started in his community. He's believed to be dead.
Kobe Barnes: Hey, thanks for promoting me, Vex Wolfenstein.
Yellow Kleeborp: It was thanks to me.
Kobe Barnes: *fuck all* *bans yellow kleeborp* *disappears too*
Vex Wolfenstein: *never heard from ever again*
by Doriko August 24, 2017
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