When a lazy client or watch dealer asks what a watch is worth, which they will not be purchasing or selling to you. These are people who value other peoples time at zero and personify the socialist way, by expecting other to do their job for them and give knowledge hand outs.
Horological Socialism - Hey what is this Rolex Datejust worth ( even though I have 0 intention of selling to you)

Dealer- Why would I tell you that when you clearly aren’t going to sell to me, go buy another Watch Trading Academy course, and maybe you’ll learn how to do your job !
by Archieluxury April 26, 2021
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A self proclaimed "horology connoisseur" is most likely a snobbish watch enthusiast. He is not necessarily rich, but he most likely is. It's a rare encounter in real life since he is mostly keeps his opinions on the internet, where he makes sure to remain anonymous.

Distinctive behaviors are :

1) telling people about his superior taste on anything and everything

2) showing off his watch collection that mostly contains watches other "Horology connoisseurs" consider respectable

3) bashing on other people's choices of watch, dress code and lifestyle
4) getting really personal with anybody who dares to call him out for his bullshit

How to recognize a "Horology connoisseur" without any interaction (really, just stay away)

1) His Facebook profile is secondary, a profile he made especially for the Facebook groups he is a member of. This is him making sure the people he insults won't destroy his life by showing his boss or wife the douchebag that he is.

2) He uses as a Facebook profile picture a $200k watch only he and 5 other "horology connoisseurs" know or care about. Other pictures in his gallery might consist of scenery from that time he went to Switzerland.

3) His friends consist of other "Horology connoisseurs" ( and only Horology connoisseurs) you might know of ( and hate seeing everywhere)

4) He mostly comments on posts that contain watches or brands he likes to bash on.
Lololol, why did you even buy this?! As a real horology connoisseur, I can't see my self wearing this peace of crap. *tags his friends *
by toldyou55 October 18, 2017
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Was machst mir geht ja auch schon in dem Anschlag zu einem Bericht des FC Barcelona zu den vergangenen Jahren mit ihm gesagt ich hab dich und der Stadt und Sex horology
Orgasm horology
by Shtdvjibd July 15, 2017
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