Used to express acknowledgement of a minor accident, blunder, or mistake.
"Whoospy daisy,I nearly killed myself!"
by Sam the man November 27, 2003
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An antiquated expression generally meaning "oops" or "whoops". This is used almost exclusively by nerds and gay men, especially when executing a clumsy or cloddish movement such as falling over a chair or slipping on an icy walkway.
While clumsily attempting to ice skate a real tool slips and falls, and when his butt contacts with the ice he yells out "whoopsie daisies!"
by KImCobain March 03, 2015
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Sexual Move: When railing a bitch doggy-style you "accidentally" misfire, drilling the girl right in the ass. When she turns around, you say "whoopsy daisy."
I was pounding that girl hard when I decided to go for the ass. So I gave her the ole' whoopsy daisy.
by T.O. 88 October 23, 2007
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When you are having sexual intercourse with another person then admit to having multiple STDs and shout "whoopsie daisies" and refuse to pull out.
by Cannon Joe November 17, 2013
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Very specific. A whoopsie Daisy is when a young chap and a thrustworthy candidate have a morning sixty-nine. but said act of numbers is only a Whoopsie Daisy if it is the first time the two folks have gotten past 1st base.
we woke up, I told her to turn around and next you thing you know, whoopsie daisy! her mouth's on me, and I'm smelling the morning flowers
by thrusty vibes October 12, 2017
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