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An affectionate term for a friend, can also be shortened to Butt, Butty or Bum, especially when several Buttface's are in the room.

Buttface's can usually be found saying plom
1) Jeu Buttface, how you doing?
2) Buttface lets go for a plom somewhere.
3) Go Buttface! Go!
by DJNrrd October 10, 2005
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(pron. Jew) Taken from the mis-spelling of Hey Can be used either as a greeting or an exclamation
1) Jeu! How you doing?
2) Jeu, where'd that go?
by DJNrrd October 10, 2005
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The sole condom, possibly past it's use-by date that is stored in the wallet of the hopelessly single.
That bitch stole my wallet! I mean seriously, what's she going to do with my expired Driver's License and who-am-I-kidding? condom
by DJNrrd May 21, 2007
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To express admiration at something that is deemed cool by yourself or your friends but would be deemed lame by most members of normal adult society
Kittie: "I'm going to put a Keep Out sign on my closet and use it as my pirate hideout"
Nrrd: "Wow, that's aweslame!"

Nrrd: "Yes! The new Doctor Who DVD is out today! It's going to be so aweslame"
by DJNrrd November 5, 2007
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