A question you ask when the act if your partner inserting your penis inside of their face hole is not going to happen
Girl: My jaw hurts nigga
Boy: So, no head?
by Thatoneubergæguy November 9, 2019
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When you are on your phone as a horny teen and your stepsister doesn't want to have sex
"So no head?"
*Proceeds to break skateboard*
*Smashes Flip Phone*
by eggstravagant May 3, 2019
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The phrase say before stomping on your skateboard and shattering your phone.
Madlad: So no head?
gurl: no
madlad: breaks phone and skateboard
by OkBommerIsGay December 1, 2019
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when you get in a fight with someone but you still want to know if head is still an option.
"i never want to talk to you again".... "so no head????"
by jake skatskat April 30, 2019
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