(verb) To have the whities:
Being so high that you're feeling like dying and loose colour to your face.
"I smoked so much ganja last night that I began feeling the whities, I don't ever want to smoke again."
by ohhhbabyyy January 2, 2010
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A word to describe a stereotypical white person

Also a word to describe a redneck white person
I bet tom holland is one of those whities who claps when the plane lands
by ashleyst May 24, 2018
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The word people use to call the oh-so-delicious White Castle burgers.
Oh, man... I could really go for some whities from White Castle.
by musicxlifexlove February 20, 2011
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To be far too stoned to the point of the room spinning, far more extreme than rawhide.
Dont have a whitie.
by oracle March 13, 2004
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An insult to a person who is very white.. listens to no rap, listens to country, rock, and ..... other white.. stuff....
JEss and zachy are Whitys more then anyone in the world!
by Eric/ Greg October 10, 2004
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A drug induced sickness
extreme vomiting and illness
cold sweats etc.
omg did you see that kid whitie last night?

Yeah man, he was chonged
by Chris Terry March 8, 2006
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