A human poop floating in any open body of water, including a swimming pool.
I'm not going swimming in there because I just saw a whitefish float by.
by classicalorder March 20, 2008
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I got whitefished last night, still can't open my eyes
by Smrtone September 2, 2017
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The act of removing a condom after intercourse, turning it inside out, and slapping the female participantin the face with it.
Susie: Tommy! Now I'm gonna have to wash my face again after that manhattan whitefish you gave me!
by Rodney Simmons September 21, 2007
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A small suberb pop: 13,000, just north of Milwaukee. Commonly called Whitefolks Bay. Most of its citizens are upper-middle class. Has 2 public elementary school, one of the best rated Middle schools (and so far one of the best forensic teams) in Wisconsin and two High schools, one public, and one not. Incredibly conveienet due to the fact that everywhere is easily accessible via foot. Is infact ~not~ highly consertive, yet split, just like the rest of Wisconsin. Up until around Middle school, but may still remain so, is often split into a north end and south end . "Downtown" is considered to be Silverspring, which runs east west in the middle of the city. The streets were also built ~over~ the rivers and creeks that used to be there, providing a mosquito free envoirment.
Word of advice: Don't go to the parks in Whitefish Bay, Cayhill and Big Bay at night.
by Kingreenbean July 22, 2006
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A condom floating in the Harbour.... along with all the other shit in there. If you look really hard through the grease rainbows, you might see one in its natural habitat.
"Hey look, hoawn, there's a Bawlmer Whitefish in the wooter..."
"Fuck that, let's get back to Blair so we can hit Haver tonight."
by City Forever. December 30, 2005
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Used condoms that have washed ashore or appear on the beach
Watch out!!! Don't slip on that slimy Jersey Whitefish, dude!!!!
by LasVegasLover October 1, 2004
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