1 An attractive flirty female that you would want to have relations with, but is completely off limits. i.e. due to being slightly underage, related by marriage, sexual orientation, your best friends recent ex, your boss, etc.
Sara's younger sister is so hot, to bad she's a whitefish till she turns 18 next month.
by burntheorange February 03, 2010
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A human poop floating in any open body of water, including a swimming pool.
I'm not going swimming in there because I just saw a whitefish float by.
by classicalorder March 20, 2008
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A popular resort town filled with millionares, snobs, and assholes
Guy 1- I am going over to whitefish to ski with brad.
Guy 2- The asshole?
Guy 1- no the millionare.
Guy 2- same thing.
by fmitter May 23, 2008
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A small northern Reservation, not far from Gift Lake. A place where trailors are burnt down. A place where cousins are for practice. If you’re tryna snag, it’s too late, cows n plows already came. (this is a joke, take no offence)
β€œShe’s from Whitefish, I’m not gonna fight her!”
by walorg September 09, 2018
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