The best person I’ve ever met <3 honest, intelligent, loving, and will make you laugh. Dreams of being a pilot and is part Japanese. Loves ramen, but will love you more.
by Unholy Plastic Bag July 3, 2019
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Kenji is a very sweet person, they have amazing ways to make u smile.
They are so smart, adorable,sweet and funny

they like frogs and cookies 😦🤲🏻
I love this person so much, trust me you need em in your life :(
No kenji, no life 🙅🏻 ♀️🙇🏻 ♀️
I've never seen more beautiful eyes until I saw their eyes. They are so pretty and so kind and nice! U cant hate em ',:)
They are also so precious and :) lovely..
I love them so much pls :(((
You' re so Lucky if you have them in your life
perfection! Literally perfection!
Every night i fall asleep thinking about em.
cc:Kenji is so adorable, right?
"they are awesome"

"how can u dont know kenji?!?"

"whos The most cute person? - Kenji is!"

by nosjbb;) March 1, 2021
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1. Worlds cutest farmer

2. Someone who loves eating meat but takes care of cows

3. A person with brown eyes

4. Can only use his “power” when hungry, or can he use it WHENEVER 0O0?


6. Is adorably dumb...he pointed a gun at himself to see the gun

7.Works with the ADA(Armed Detective Agency)

8. Believes that everyone will treat him back the same way he treats them

9. Helps everyone that has a problem such as helping their garden •3•

10. Is surprisingly smart for the age he his(in the anime) He flipping figures out a crime because of a certain material

11.Most people adore him because of his helping/traits
Just love him and you will know why people need him around

My friends and I Fangirl around when Kenji and other ADA characters we love appear such as Kenji,Ranpo, and Dazai. ;3;
by Isn’tKenjiCute? July 16, 2019
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Very cool and awesome and poggers and swag and cool and epic

he's nice sometimes I think
idk he's not my friend

he also just doesn't get any bitches

and he lives in hell, gods testing site, it's quite sad actually I feel quite bad for the poor man sometimes

he's gay, like really gay, and he's a femboy.

every kenji that I've met is a femboy so yk

if you're named kenji
don't be please it's not good for your mental health, it will mentally drain you, everyday having to wake up with that name. tsk

person 1: you're acting like a kenji

person 2: NOOOOOOO
by drebs June 25, 2022
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A popular japanese name given to boys, usually meaning "honored jewel" or "sacred sword".
When i have a kid im going to name him Kenji because that name kicks ass.
by xFuGx April 21, 2007
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Kenji is a bad ass mother fucker.

Kenji only comes out when the time is right, he is a mystery, no one knows where he came from, and no one knows where he goes.

He rips all day, all night, 24/7
by DrDomVonDoom July 16, 2011
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