I was sculling on the Harlem River last Saturday. The water was full of Harlem River whitefish. AIDS prevention must be making progress.
by octopod January 17, 2009
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A used condom that floats in water such as near a pier, or floating by you in the ocean.
"That nasty Coney Island Whitefish almost touched me".
by bklynml May 25, 2008
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Used condom discarded in the wild. Often found on the jersey shore. But can be found in parking lots and movie theaters.
Dude I went to the beach, and the only wildlife were seagulls and new jersey whitefish.
by frothywalrus January 8, 2009
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I saw a rubber glove floating in the river and I thought it was a 5 finger coney island whitefish
by the prophet March 25, 2003
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We enjoyed a nice barefoot stroll on the beach until I felt the sickening squish of a Long Island Whitefish under my toes.
by James Lichtenfels February 13, 2009
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"A person with dark skin who uses bleaching cream or has a dermatologist bleach their skin to look more European. It is often done because of the social stigma created by slavery and colonialism that people with dark skin are not as good as people with light skin.

Black people are allowed to lighten their skin color with their insecurities, but White people are not allowed to darken their skin color with their insecurities without portraying "Blackfishing."

Whitefishing is just as bad as Blackfishing and if you do not agree, you are part of the problem; being a racist.
"It's sad to see so many cases of whitefishing (and blackfishing) on the internet, and the feelings of inferiority it creates among Black (and White) people."
by carriececadams December 24, 2022
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