An old expression for a used condom found on the beach
The beach has gotten so dirty you can't sit down without landing on a Coney Island whitefish.
by Andrea March 07, 2003
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I was sculling on the Harlem River last Saturday. The water was full of Harlem River whitefish. AIDS prevention must be making progress.
by octopod January 17, 2009
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When one person freezes water in the shape of a cylinder then proceeds to use it as a dildo. They leave the ice inside of themselves until it melts. They then collect the mixture of water and juices in a container. Finally they leave the concoction on a table for someone else to drink.
Guy 1- "Hey bro just left an Alaskan Whitefish on that table over there"

Guy 2- "If that guy over there drinks that shit I'll give you 20 bucks"

Guy 3 walks over to table examines water and proceeds to drink.

Guy 1- "Where's my 20 bucks?"
by TheOneToRuleThemAll January 31, 2014
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Used condom discarded in the wild. Often found on the jersey shore. But can be found in parking lots and movie theaters.
Dude I went to the beach, and the only wildlife were seagulls and new jersey whitefish.
by frothywalrus January 08, 2009
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A used condom that floats in water such as near a pier, or floating by you in the ocean.
"That nasty Coney Island Whitefish almost touched me".
by bklynml May 24, 2008
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I saw a rubber glove floating in the river and I thought it was a 5 finger coney island whitefish
by the prophet March 24, 2003
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We enjoyed a nice barefoot stroll on the beach until I felt the sickening squish of a Long Island Whitefish under my toes.
by James Lichtenfels February 13, 2009
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