White flight is when local businesses shut down or leave a neighbourhood because they keep getting robbed. The opposite of white flight is gentrification, where legal businesses replace illegal ones (drug peddling, extortion, prostitution). Some people think that both of these are incredibly racist for some reason.
White flight does not exist!!!
by Palladium1 October 23, 2022
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Unlike what most shitheads on this site say, white flight is basically where white people move away from the inner cities to more expensive "vanilla suburbs" which leads to inner cities consisting of increased populations of blacks and hispanics.
White flight is not hatred or bigotry towards minorities. It's just white people simply moving to a home with more bedrooms.
by Rotten Turkey May 25, 2022
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flight away from Mexicans or chicanos in all parts of California ( people east of I5 pray that governator will stop all immegrunts )
white flight started in 1950's in LA now we have black flight ( to south east ) white flight still ongoing now from ( Brown attack chicanos ) ( to washington state and along Canada border )in downtown LA yellow skins pushing chicanos west toward beaches. Red man still puff peace pipe outside of big city. ( BC bud gud canadian shit ) All is well in the Holy City of the Angles.
by itichie_nocanpo June 24, 2006
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When rich white people move to the suburbs so they can be as far away from the blacks and the homeless as possible and spend the rest of their dull, meaningless lives living in cookie-cutter houses with their lawnmowers and their gas guzzling minivans in the driveway. This phenomenon began in the 1950s with Levittown, a whites-only community that offered cheap and affordable suburban homes to white families - blacks and other minorities were strictly prohibited from buying homes there, thus they were not able to buy into the burgeoning real estate market and be entitled to the massive amounts of potential wealth therein like white people were, further solidifying their status as second-class citizens. Since then, white people have flocked to the suburbs, where millions of acres of land are reserved for growing lawns and billions of gallons of gasoline are used to commute from these suburban areas to the city where the jobs are, resulting in a massive waste of resources and extremely congested highways. As they are located far away from the cities, life in these suburbs is excruciatingly boring and the younger members of the white families often commit suicide because of it. White flight is a blight on American society and many people, including white people who choose to remain in the inner cities, are heavily burdened by it.
Thanks to white flight, America has turned into a bland, ugly, and boring Wal-Mart dystopia.
by asdfdshfshfdsahfdahfda September 4, 2015
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Pussy ass migration to the suburbs by racist whites from the city when ethnic minorities start moving into the formerly white areas.
Andres: Why is it that when people of color move into the city neighborhood, whites move out?
Tyrone: It's white flight bro. They are scared of anyone who's not white for fear that they will be mugged, or even killed. They don't wanna be in the same place as us. Them racist crackers.
by GankstaHoodie April 28, 2007
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term used to describe anybody who says single family homes are racist but then moves away from minorities into a single family home.
Did you know that city developers now say it is wrong to build single family homes? You did? Then you were a white flight Tom and moved into a single family home.
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Great White Flight (Noun) - The mass exodus of white people from the City. This usually occurs from 5-6 PM Monday Through Friday.
Tyler: "Hey, Skylar, I hear there is safety in numbers. We should join the great white flight!"
Skylar: "Why yes, Tyler, do you suppose there is time to stop at the starbucks?"
by CityEMS November 15, 2011
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