The people from Europe with the X and Y chromosomes. They are blamed for everything that's wrong with the world and are being shamed for things they did hundreds of thousands of years ago.
Black Kid: I like being a black female.
White Kid: That's nice.
White Kid: I like being a white male.
Black Kid: Racist and sexist.
by SuburbDictionary July 02, 2017
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According to inter-sectional feminists, a sexist, racist, and homophobe. Often "literally a nazi".
White males are the bad guys here.
by Nightmaredeus May 17, 2018
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The worst insult that you can level at someone.

Person 1: (does something stupid)
Person 2: You fucking white male!

See also: nigger
I can't believe you could be so stupid. What are you, a white male?
by dumbwhitemale October 04, 2017
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a group of people which the media associates with the cause of their problems.
SJW: if you are Straight, White, and a Male, then you are literally hitler, and are a disgrace to humanity.
Straight White Males: Hi

by Obamagaming32 December 12, 2020
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