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In this day and age, you can't say spokesman, but you must say spokesperson.
by SuburbDictionary June 19, 2017
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A bit from the animated sitcom the Simpsons in which the family performs a version of a popular meme, the Harlem Shake. The joke is that it came out 2 years after the meme was popular, making it highly circulated in communities declaring it "goche as shit."
by SuburbDictionary February 16, 2021
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1. Being happy.

2. Being homosexual.

3. Something that is just stupid.
1. These video games make me gay!

2. My husband and I are gay!

3. That test was so gay.
by SuburbDictionary June 19, 2017
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a fictional character from the television series, South Park. He was supposed to be like those 80s sitcom characters.
Butters Stotch's first episode all about him was in season 5.
Butters Stotch is my favorite character in South Park!
by SuburbDictionary June 30, 2017
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Someone (Typically a Female) who marries someone just for their wealth, if the one with the riches is busy with his or her job, they will get a divorce for the man not spending enough time with them.
Fuck you, just because I want a divorce after you bought me many good things does not me a wealthubus!
by SuburbDictionary July 13, 2017
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The people from Europe with the X and Y chromosomes. They are blamed for everything that's wrong with the world and are being shamed for things they did hundreds of thousands of years ago.
Black Kid: I like being a black female.
White Kid: That's nice.
White Kid: I like being a white male.
Black Kid: Racist and sexist.
by SuburbDictionary July 3, 2017
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